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Dungeon and Dragons Neverwinter open beta launch today!

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I have been following the development of Neverwinter for some time and today is the day that everyone can get their hands on it. The founders or people who shelled out money for this game, fairly got into this a few days ahead of everybody else.

Never winter will launch with 6 playable races and 5 classes to pick from. We will be covering the races and classes in featured articles of Neverwinter later today.

This game has some of the feel of an old school RPG with action twitch based combat of say games like TERA.

Neverwinter also includes a feature called the foundry which is a role-players dream. This is a dungeon builder, story and quest designer.

Neverwinter has all the makings of a smash hit, and best of its free to play so check it out today. Cryptic/Perfect World will open the gameĀ  for all at 12pm PST.

Check out Neverwinter Here

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