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Dungeonmans Review

Posted on 7/9/2013 by with 2 comments


Developer/Publisher: Aventurepro Games LLC


Dungeonmans is an indie game that is similar to other “roguelike” RPG games. These type of game was very popular on a lot of Japanese games in the 90’s.


Dungeonmans features five classes (with two more in work) that can be customized with gear you take from monsters in-game. You receive 5 random dice rolls to pick from, these become your character’s base stats.

Dungeomans has permanent death when your character meets his demise, so create a character and get ready to crush some monsters with the chance of losing it all.  

Dungeonmans also features a lot of humorous writing that makes it even better to find items and talking to NPC’s throughout the land. 



I start my adventure in the Dungeonmans Academy as a young Rangerman. I head off into the world to make a name for myself and to amass a fortune.

After leaving the academy I head towards to mountains to the western coast where I am confronted by my first enemy in-game. As I enter battle I realize I am outnumbered by snakes and an enemy that is throwing bombs my direction.

I dodge as best as I can, but a few bombs hit their mark taking a quite a large toll on my health meter. Now the snakes move in to try to finish me off. The snakes go down pretty easy as I shoot fans of arrows in their direction.


Now I must find that bomb thrower! I move farther into the forest to confront this thrower of bombs. I see that I have him cornered by some thick trees. So I move in closer. The bombs start raining in on my position I move closer without a fear of death, only to come up short a few feet from the bomber.

I died in my first encounter in-game! Really? Well now I have to go create another character and do it all over again.

Believe me you will experience this, but that is part of the fun. If you’re not willing to take part in this ritual of self-sacrifice then this might not be for you. 

Overall the game play is very fun, can be addicting to build your character and almost heartbreaking when you lose it.



The graphics in Dungeonmans are on par with all the other “roguelike” clones out there. If you’re a graphics snob this game isn’t for you, but don’t let the graphics fool you there is a great game hidden in these sprites.

The game features a giant tile based map, ruins and plenty of dungeons to explore. Also has many cities to along the way to find and sell for better equipment.

Game characters are nothing more than a stationary sprite that is moved around the map. This also to be expected in this type of game.

Overall graphics are exactly what I expected them to be as I used to play a lot of these style of games when I lived in Japan in the 90’s.  



The sounds in Dungeonmans are very good, featuring music that really sets the tone of going on an epic adventure or for just a quick romp while crushing monsters.

Combat sounds are made for each slash or each given attack.

Overall the sounds and music in-game great for this type of game.



We at Beer and Joysticks love to support the indie games when we can, and when one is worthy enough to be talked about, we do. Dungeonmans is one such game.

What can I say Dungeonmans is a great game that can be played either hardcore or as a casual game. You gain items and experience from exploring the world and have a blast doing it. This a like a

For fans of “roguelike” RPG games this is the must play game of the summer, and the good folks over at Adventurepro Games have just put out a demo or as they call it “Dungeonmans Summer Preview”,  so go check it out Here.

Please support this game by voting for it on the Steam GreenLight page Here.

We have also put up an interview with Dungeonmans developer Jim Shepard  Here

Verdict is 6 of 6


2 responses to Dungeonmans Review

  1. On July 10th, 2013 at 7:21 pm , Joe said...

    I love these dungeon crawl, hack and slash titles- im gonna’ go play it now, with some beer!
    Have you ever played Kongregates original Monster’s Den? It’s pretty strategic, one shot kinda casual or hardcore game depending on how you take it. Try it out, man!

  2. On July 10th, 2013 at 10:06 pm , Chris said...

    I have never played Monster’s Den but it is on my to do list now.

    Thank for the tip.

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