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Elder Scrolls Online decided to temporarily shut down the guild bank.

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Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax disables the guild bank most probably due to the massive duping done by some players. People behind the game announced on their official forum site that they will be putting the guild bank option in an inoperative state. This option allows member of the guilds to pool items. Though the developers did not gave a possible reason on this move, others have their theory on why they are implementing this change.

The announcement was made moments after someone posted an article at reddit about massive item duplication by some players. He related it to a certain bug that allows a number of players to possess a full set of legendary gears. Some players also have billions of gold on their stacks possible result from duplication of mats and selling it to vendors.

On April 10, Zenimax posted on their official forum site that they already banned a thousand of cheaters. Regarding on a recent discovered bug, they would keep the players posted on updates and how are they planning to deal with those players proved to duplicate an item.

Things are not looking good for Elder Scrolls Online, after some negative comments that it received due to the closure of the bank. Some says that they are no longer planning to go back on the game after they shut down the bank feature. Others felt sorry for those who invested too much on the game. I wonder why the developers failed to detect the glitch before going mainstream. It’s not like it’s a simple disconnection bug, it’s a dupe bug that allows the players to cheat.

Of course I am not putting all the blame to Zenimax. The players know for a fact that cheating is a grave offense inside the gaming world. They should know better than to dupe an item, anyway I would bet that most of the people who did that are inside the game just to experience Elder Scrolls for a short time. But I have the same question just like the other players, are we getting the amount that we paid after these sudden changes

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