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Elder Scrolls Online Pre-Orders have begun.

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Elder Scrolls Online

Normally with that headline this would be in the news section, but today I decided to make this into a rant!

The Happy

Yay! Well for some this is joyous time. The MMO fans that can’t find a game this might be the game for and with a strong platform as the Elder Scrolls series what could be better.

I love the Elder Scrolls series and I hope this is a hit like their other games.

There are people who couldn’t wait to pre-order this game and I probably would have been one of the first, until I read all the details. Will I be getting this game yes, but right now I’m on the fence and that doesn’t seem so bad until the dust settles.

The Furious

For others it’s a time to be absolutely furious. Well maybe, they hated the Elder Scrolls series all along.

This game is as expensive as the single player game and then they want us to pay a subscription on top of it. Yes, I have heard this one already a few times today.

Then on top of it all you need to buy a collectors edition to be able to play all factions. Come on really? Sorry to say it is.

The way I see it.

For me I see this as another way for a company to make a quick buck! I don’t see it as right at all, but some you out there will buy it at any price and that is why they keep doing this to us.

What you’re not going to sell alpha access?

Like I said before I will buy this game because I want to get the info out to my followers and if it wasn’t for that I might not get it, even though I’m a huge Elder Scrolls fan.

I see this game as either being a giant success or an epic failure. There are no other ways around in my mind. What I see is this game have a decent release and about 6 months down the road there will be an announcement about the possibility of this going free to play.

What do I know I’m just a guy who like to play games!

So today I ask you, well you pre-order Elder Scrolls Online?


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