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Elder Scrolls Online what we know so far!

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Here some quick updates on Elder Scrolls Online and what we know so far.

So far 5 classed have been announced in Elder Scrolls these include (the Templar, dragon knight, sorcerer, night blade and warden).

As the game opens like previous installments you will be a prisoner in a Daedric prison.

The game will have the GIU and a lot of the same type of game-play of Skyrim

Adventuring in Elder Scrolls Online is different than you have ever experienced. You will no longer have to go find quest givers. The game will have triggers and that will spawn quest givers in certain areas or will trigger items for quests. So exploring the large open world will be a major part of this game, just like in the other Elder Scrolls games.

There is about 150 hours of game play available so far.

The game takes place about 1000 years before Skyrim, but feature a lot of the same land mass from the land of Tamriel including Daggerfall, Skyrim, and Marrowwind.

You will be able to play both in a solo and in group.

Guild will be included in Elder Scrolls Online just any other game, not a lot of details so far, hope to learn more soon.

There will be massive battles included sieges and controlling factional based keeps.

There is also smaller scale PVP battles.

Chances of encounters for open world PVP battles (totally random event).


So far I really like what I’m seeing this could turn out to be a great game and I can’t wait to get my hand on it. Until then I’ll to go back to the everyday toil of gaming.



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