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Enhance! Upgrade! Develop! Improve!

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Enhance! Upgrade! Develop! Improve!

Over the years RPG fans have been comfortable knowing that their favorite type of game possesses the same elements that they have been familiar with.  It now came to a point where some players have grown tired of some of the silly things that it presents.  Let us enumerate the things about an RPG game that a developer needs to develop.

Medieval plot.

Most of the RPG games are offering the same medieval theme,  a castle ruled by a king with countless of knights and you will act as the shining hero to save a princess or a town in its curse.  The medieval theme has been a plus factor and a major factor why RPG games became so successful, but admit it an RPG game can still exist without the 16th century theme; it has been proven time and again by those sci-fi themed RPG games.

 “Content is the King”

When I was a kid, I used to enjoy every moment of it when I had to finish an RPG game, though it may take me more than a week to reach its conclusion, it is still worth it, since it was like watching a movie.  Unfortunately today RPG games are infested with downloadable contents and expansion set, they disregarded the substance of the game and focus more on the technical side of it.

Ridiculous names of the Hero

Some of the games allowed their players to construct a modified name for their own hero, while some of them would come into the silliest ways of naming a character.  But having said that I don’t really care how Cloud (final fantasy) is named since his fighting prowess is enough to get me hooked in playing the game.

The lame voice over

It’s not really a prerequisite for an RPG game to have a voice over, most gamers have a rich imagination and I think that’s more than enough, but some developers are looking for a new ways on how they will attract the gamers so they include a voice over for the main character of the story, but most of them sound unreal, sounded like an answering machine most of the time…monotonous.  The purpose of a voice actor is to act using his voice, but on most RPG games today, listening to a transistor radio of my great gramps is far more interesting than listening to them.

The road that leads to nowhere

Let us take Skyrim for example, while it feels great for a certain game to offer us such freedom to roam around and discover things on our own, some players are whining about being clueless on the road they are taking.  I can understand them since sometimes it took so much time to search for a town, or the next dungeon.  They are not playing the game just to promenade around the gaming world like they were in the park on a sunny day.

NPC carrying gold

Don’t get me wrong, it has been a tradition for the RPG games to collect golds, zen, silver to be found after killing an NPC; it is like some sort of reward.  But if they want to offer us something new, it would be better for them to hide the gold, make it more valuable (A more realistic approach).  An NPC can drop silvers or an item, that we are to find. Put the gold in a chest and hide it.

The useless item shop

To tell you frankly, I do not get why an item shop contains item that can be easily found inside the game, whack a head of a nearby enemy and there you go.  And to top it all some of the merchant’s spiels inside the game are too long, I don’t even want to listen to his blasphemy.

We are not necessarily saying that these things need to be changed, but it’s definitely something to look at.  Gamers have a rich imagination as we say; they are constantly evolving and looking for newer things that would surprise them.  So to the developers reading this article…SURPRISE US.

Enhance! Upgrade! Develop! Improve!

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