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Expansions and DLC!

Posted on 11/19/2013 by with 4 comments

Expansions and DLC!

I figured today I would walk a path I’ve been down before and talk about expansions and DLC. This can be a hot topic for some people, as it is under guise of trying to squeeze more money out of you for the same old content and game. I get a lot of mixed feelings from the words expansions and DLC.

DLC already, come on!

Sometimes I wonder when a game is released how long it will take for the DLC to start flowing out. Is this all part of the marketing plan, spend $60 today and 10 tomorrow?

That isn’t necessarily the case for all expansions and DLC, as it seems I just bunched them all together as junk and that is not the case at all.  Is there a game you gave up on until there was new content?

For most first person shooters this is always the case for me, unless I want to play multiplayer then content goes by the wayside after completing the single player campaign.

Let’s face it, most DLC is about making a quick buck and nothing else.

Offline game Expansion

Offline game expansions are starting to become a thing of the past. Today expansions are packaged up as a new chapter or version of the game.

It used to be that add-ons for offline games was a great way to enhance a previously released game. The Elder Scroll series put out some great content packs in their expansions like “BloodMoon” and “Tribunal”. These were pretty large for added content in the form of quest and storylines, along with some added places to explore.

Online game Expansions

Expansion for online games most of the time has been created to keep people’s interest in the game. I can’t blame then that’s a lot of money invest in servers, but at the same time I wouldn’t always say they have overwhelmed us with new content.

Expansions should come with a vast amount of new content, new zones to explore, new content to enjoy. This shouldn’t be thrown together on a whim. The World of Warcraft series has done a decent job so with expansion pack and I’ll hold them as the people to beat when it comes to putting out and expansion.

Expansions and DLC!

So there you have my views on expansions and DLC, as I see it. My biggest problem is the quick to release DLC that come a few days after launch and that seems to be a hot button point when I bring it up with friends. We agreed that we just need to stop buying this DLC and see what happens in the future.

So today I ask you, what expansion or DLC got you back playing a game you gave up on and was it worth it?

4 responses to Expansions and DLC!

  1. On November 19th, 2013 at 4:33 pm , Kevin Gesterling said...

    In the case of GTA IV I purchased all the DLC and they were great because each one told a new story in the same city setting outside of new weapons and cars. It prolonged the life of GTA IV and the game benefited greatly from the expansion.

    But I am with a lot of people who say most of them as useless, or just money grabs. I can see how people can say that.

    But DLC can be a good thing, or a waste of money. It really depends on what you perceive as a warranted buy, and 99.9999% of DLC I don’t download, but in that one case I did download it, and I really thought it brought new life into GTA IV, even if I didn’t play all of it.

  2. On November 19th, 2013 at 8:46 pm , Chris said...

    There is a little give and take, but I think more taking than giving.

  3. On November 21st, 2013 at 4:12 am , The Otaku Judge said...

    I have never bought DLC as I don’t want to reward developers for nickle and diming players. I was tempted by the Fire Emblem Awakening stuff, but when I heard it was censored I didn’t bother. MMO expansions are fine, but if the game is receiving subscription fees they are already getting paid enough to develop new content.

  4. On November 21st, 2013 at 12:09 pm , Chris said...

    I don’t buy much DLC and for MMO’s I mostly play Free to Plays games.

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