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FairyTail is now a browser game.

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After the release of Pockie Ninja, Pockie Ninja 2,  Pockie Pirates and other similar games that is derived from a popular manga series,  it is not surprising to see a browser game version of FairyTail.  It is expected to become as popular as the previous games mentioned, since FT has a great number of followers.  And with just a few weeks of release, it has gain a total of 100,000 players in all its realms.  But as we said too much of something is kinda irritating, while I enjoy playing Pockie Pirates and Pockie Ninja, FairyTail didn’t give me enough excitement to stay in the game.

Probably because I already reach that “satiety factor” in playing browser games that is based on a popular manga series.  A game that doesn’t make you think on what will happen next since you probably know the whole story.  Another factor could be the great similarity of this game to other Pockie games.  Recruiting mages, strengthening them, upgrading, enhancing, embedding, fighting, SS skills, passive skills, pets, active skills, the whole idea of the game is similar to other Pockie games.  It’s boring and stupid in a way.

Should we expect this game to last as long as other similar games?  I don’t think so.  The manga FairyTail has a massive followers but compared to  Naruto and One Piece where the other games are based, FT is lagging behind.  Plus the storyline of the two manga mentioned above is a lot stronger compared to FairyTail, which you can see a touch of RAVE.  But enough of the comparison between the manga since this is after all, a game site.

There are other things that those developers can do in order to differentiate them to other games and to last as long as them.  They can develop the SS skill of a certain character and make it a lot different from others.  Mages of the same attributes are using the same SS skills, it’s as if they learned nothing from the previous games, it is too mediocre.  Then there’s the armor type, people behind the game can at least give the players something to look up to, like a valuable set of armor or a rare weapon.

I therefore conclude that the maker of this game is not a fan of FT.  He just made it a point to finish reading the story in order to create the game; obviously he is after the profit.  He included mages that didn’t really make a big impact on the manga.  The story is not that coherent and it seems forced.  I sincerely hope that I won’t see a browser game based on the Bleach manga, especially if the concept is similar with the games mentioned above.

Learn more about FairyTail online here.

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