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Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics Free on GOG for the next 48 hours

Fallout (Also known as Good Old Games) has kicked off their winter sale by giving away free copies of some of the classics from the recently revived franchise.

Released in 1997, Fallout was one of the first games to utilize the idea of the post-apocalyptic survivor and, along with its sequel, is considered one of the finest achievements in the RPG genre.

Each of the games have been optimized to run on even the newest Windows operating systems as well as on Mac (Sadly no Linux support as of yet). If you’re into modding, or just want it to look classier, the GOG forums also contain a slew of helpful guides to upgrade the standard installation with bug fixes, game balancing, and higher resolution.

If you already own the games (Or are just feeling charitable in the holiday season) you can select to gift the games to another by entering in their email address. Though they will have to create an account in order to obtain their gifts, accounts are likewise free.

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