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Firefall Open Beta first impressions.

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OK so I’ve been playing Firefall for the last couple days and figured this would be a good time to let people know what I think about it so far. Yes, I realize this a beta, with all hopes people don’t take this literally as a finished game. So I’ll look at this as a work in progress.

Good impression or Bad? I would have to say a little of both right now.


Why is the world the way it is in-game? I’ll have to watch the opening video again to figure it out. I still don’t know. What is the story to this game anyway?

The game has a lack of story, (very similar to Defiance here) not really sure what the hell I’m doing in-game most of the time. I hate with a passion having my hand-held as we have going on in most mainstream games today, but I could use a push in the right direction here.

Is there a reason for killing these aliens here, oh well they don’t like me, so I’m firing back!

Where’s the Content?

As the game open you are brought through a series of tutorials that teach you in-game basics, then you’re on your own. I like the fact it is an open world to explore, but the world isn’t very big.

What should I do there doesn’t seem to be any quests? Well if you fly into an area that a quest is available you are automatically given the quest, so fly around and try to find them.

Cell shading art style.

Why do you guys make a game with this any way are you all just copping out so you don’t need to texture models? It was cute when this style first came out, but I want to see the world the way it was intended without this distracting blurring effects of this cell shading!

Ok I knocked this game enough.

What I like in Firefall is the action bases full twitch combat. It’s great to use jump jets to fly over and blast through a bunch of enemy forces then fly out off to safety.

I love the fact that they have made it so everyone must craft to advance your armor/weapons and it has some complexity to it. It’s not just find rock turn rock into rock block, blah, blah. Crafting can get confusing, but don’t worry you will get plenty of help looking at the official forums.

It may be too early to draw too many conclusion about Firefall but I have listed a fee concerns and the good parts as well. You now have to try it out see what you think.

Try it out for free today at the Firefall website Here

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