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FlashBack: Area 51

Posted on 8/9/2013 by with 2 comments

 Area 51

Thq is a very strange developer that I use to have a lot of respect for in the last generation of gaming. Towards the end of the last generation they were making some the best games that have hit the platform games like destroy all aliens, psychonauts and Area 51 to name just a few. While some of these games where successful enough to justify sequels but thq is just happy to let these titles die a slow and horrible death. Psychonauts and destroy all human where a huge critical success for that and I guess they felt that the this would allow them to not give support for future titles hoping that word off mouth would be enough to sell these titles and it a less hardcore present that is gaming that is just not a good strategy.with zero support offered to these games it was inevitable that them and there sequels where never going to garner the success of some of their more well publicized rivals. They could garner far more eyes and garner far more success despite there lesser quality and in some chases lack of originality because lets face it 90 percent of the human race are mindless sheep who will follow the bright lights of an ad campaign rather than try something new and interesting. The lack of success that has been witnessed by these sequels coupled with the monumental failure that was Home Front will make thq far less likely to take risks. This means that some of thq fantastic quirky titles may never see the light of day while they will keep making stupid titles like barbies horse adventure because they make money and are very easy to replicate again and again. This will effectively turn thq into just another Activision with its constant rehashes of guitar hero and call of duty. I cant be the only one who wished to see more valves and blizzards in the world of gaming these are company that very few games but everyone they make has a huge amount of shine and polish to them and as a result they seal in bucket loads o9f money and sell because those brands are associate with quality something that thq is slowly losing in the eyes of many gamers.


Which brings to the sad fact of what this blog is all about and that is my review of one of the best first person shooters I have played in a while and that is Area 51 for xbox. This game is not very original and does some things that really get on my nerves but like I have stated on earlier blogs its level of polish is very high and it is indeed very challenging. This is a very typical first person shooter but it has some interesting twists and a story that you just have to keep playing in order to find out what next.


The graphics in Area 51 are OK, they are not good but they are not bad. Not much attention has been payed to the environments in this games and that is undoubtedly due to its Area 51 one setting because lets be honest military bases aren’t exactly known for the amazingly ornate architecture. They are built for a purpose and as a result are very dull. Were the game designer have put a lot of time and attention into is that of character design. The level of detail in not only the main protagonist but his enemy is amazing and I swear that when they talk I can see emotion in there eyes but maybe that just something that I can done because of the level of detail. Another way that the game designers have made you feel empathy for the characters is by having them voiced by real voice actors, most noticeable David Ducovny from the x-files. Although this is all the range at the moment back when this game was released this was something new and rather groundbreaking and adds credence to this being a blockbuster.



The in game graphics in Area 51 are something else for an xbox anyway and although the ps3 and xbox 360 will offer you more they are a lot more expensive and games on those consoles shall not be part of project backlog for a while.

2 responses to FlashBack: Area 51

  1. On August 9th, 2013 at 9:47 am , Alex C. Barberi said...

    Wow! I remember being excited about Area 51 when it came out, but I do not think I ever ended up buying the game. Looks neat!

    I do still have Psychonauts on Steam, but I did not get very far into it; I just do not enjoy platformers as much as I used to enjoy them.

  2. On August 9th, 2013 at 11:05 am , Paul Bailey said...

    you could proberley pick it up fairly cheap now, if the price is right it might be worth it

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