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Flashback! Suikoden 2

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Suikoden 2

I thought that it might be cool to feature old video games that delighted me during my childhood days and I think that the generation today will still enjoy.  This week it’s going to be Suikoden 2.


Suikoden 2 is an RPG game brought to us by Konami it is a sequel from a successful video game Suikoden.  To tell you frankly I hate sequels, but what made it different is that it has little connection to the first Suiko.  Suikoden 2 is a story about a young hero who possesses the Bright shield rune and will eventually have to battle his childhood friend Jowy Atreides, who wields the ability of the Black shield rune.  It is based on the Japanese epic novel about the sword that could cut through anything and the shield that could defend to any sharp object, which leads to the creation of the universe.


It features a huge collection of characters, some of them are a part of the old Suikoden and some are new.  Each of them has their own spotlight in the story which made it great.  It’s true that the story is focused on the drama that surrounds the three characters of Jowy, Nanami and Riou (optional name), but the other characters are not to be denied since they also have a story of their own apart from the main character.  For example Victor has his goal to defeat his arch nemesis Neclord which he fought on the older version, the Sindar ruins, Camus and Miklotov also have their own story, but I personally love the part when Ridley dies after Riou tried to escape his responsibility (this is actually optional but it made the story a lot interesting).

I only hope that all character can be use for the battle mode during the war, but it is understandable since it would be a total annihilation on the part of the enemy if they provided a feature like that.


Next thing that made it great was the vicious Luca Blight, Luca is a main depiction of evil, full of hate, he is willing to stop at nothing to achieve his goal and that is to conquer the whole land and show to them the supremacy of the Highland kingdom.  But during the half of the story Luca Blight has to die which made a very interesting twist of the story.


Just about everyone thought that the war is going to end due to the fact that the two lands are now ruled by two former comrades, Jowy Atreides tried to ambush his friend Riou and asked him to surrender and give up the post of being the leader of the army.  Gladly Riou was able to escape. The next event made it more realistic, that the righteous can only be determined on the result of the war.  Everyone is fighting for their own cause, there are times that I wish that I could control the highland army and defeat the grassland army since both of them are fighting to end the war.


Suikoden 2 is one of the most valuable video game for the Play station, price today can range from $150-$400(based on Wikipedia) and is said to be one of the rarest Ps1 games (it took me about half a year to search for an original copy, the old owners are not willing to let go of it).  Since then the video game came up to numerous sequels but for me Suikoden 2 is the best version of the game.


The game allows you to choose a different ending based on your reaction to the events.  Its opening theme still gives me goose bumps, considering that most of it is only still pictures.  The music is too appropriate that exhibits the word agony or victory depending on the situation.  If you are an avid RPG game player, it would be a sin not to play this game.  So I suggest you find your own copy, or since that it is too hard to find try to find a link on the net.


Next week, I’ll try to give a flashback on Valkyrie Profile.  Enjoy reading!

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