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Flashback: Valkyrie Profile

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Valkyrie Profile is an RPG game developed by Tri-Ace and published by Square Enix.  Based on the Norse Mythology wherein the player would take the role of Lenneth Valkyrie, one of the three Goddess of fate and destiny, (apparently all 3 of them share the same body, but only one is awake at a definite time/ The reason why Brahms possess one of his sister Silmeria will be explained at Valkyrie Profile 2)  Lenneth will then visit the Midgard (human world) to collect souls of the dead warriors and train them to join them on the impending war against the Vanir and stopped the destruction of Asgard.


Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile

There are 24 playable characters on Valkyrie Profile, most of them can only be played on hard mode, my personal favorite would be, Arngrim, he’s not worthy to ascend as one of the Gods due to his attitude, at least that is what Freya said, but in my opinion, Arngrim is more hero compared to the other characters.  Each character have their own story to tell, the developer was successful in putting a spotlight into each and every individual character thus making them shine even for a limited period of time.  Other characters, especially Lucian has strong connection to Lenneth, apparently Lenneth has a strong resemblance to Platina, someone that is dear to his heart.  The antagonists of the story is not to be denied, especially Brahms and Lezard Valeth who has been doing a science project to create his own God, but will eventually help them when Lenneth’s memory about Platina will return.


The game has 8 chapters; each chapter has their own quest, items and dungeons.  In each chapter you will be provided with a certain period (depending on difficulty) that you can use to visit town, dungeons etc.  Once the period is over, Lenneth will have to do the Sacred phase, wherein Lenneth has to return back to Asgard.  At the end of every quest, there will be treasures up for grab, these items belong to Odin, it’s up to you if you want it to return to him or not.


It also has three different level of difficulty  Easy, Normal and Hard ( I advised you to play the hard mode if you really want to experience the whole game, plus the Seraphic game can be unlocked on the Hard Mode)  There are also three types of ending on the game.  The first type of Ending can be achieved by achieving an evaluation rating of zero. (Tip:  Do not send any einherjar to Asgard or return any items to Odin in order to achieve it) The second type of ending is a little easy to achieve, just play the game as it is and voila there you go.  The third type of ending for me is the best ending for Valkyrie Profile, you have to watch out on Lenneth’s Value and make sure that it is under 37 at least after Chapter 6.  The entire questions about Lenneth are revealed on this type of ending.

The 2d platform of the combat system.

The 2d platform of the combat system.


The Battle mode occurs at a 2d platform wherein enemies and the einherjar takes turn in attacking each other.  What made it different is the Purification mode which can be performed when the Combo Gauge reaches 100 percent.  Each of them can perform high level of skills and incantations during the purification mode.  Depending on the weapon you are using, each character can perform a far greater skill that can annihilate the enemies.



Valkyrie Profile is one of the reasons why I love PS games; some of you might agree with me that the best RPG games can be found on PS1.  Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Suikoden, Vagrant Story and others are just some proof of that.  Quality of the single player games on PS1 is hard to find on the market these days.  If this is the first time that you heard this game and you are an RPG fan, go play it right now, you do not know what you are missing.





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