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Flight control – Iphone review

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Developer: Firemint Pty Ltd

Publisher: Itunes

Flight Control is like Angry birds before it is one of those must have game titles for the iPhone, many of you may already be aware of this games without even knowing it, if you have ever used an iPad in a shop of any kind chances are this game has been on the screen. Flight Control is a puzzle game that is both easy to play and great fun.

This games sees you acting like flight controller across a number of maps, the aim of the game is to land as many planes as possible without them crashing, sounds easy enough but believe me it’s not. Each plane type can only land on its colored runway and they usually point in opposite directions, it’s a rather simple affair and its very easy at first but as the number of planes increases so does the difficultly, especially when you have a dozen planes all going in different directions. This coupled with each map throwing its own wrench into the works, for example one map will strike the plane with lightning so that plane can’t be diverted and must be land without interruption, when you get to the level of lots of planes this game truly is brutal.


The controls couldn’t be easier, you grab the plane and drag it to it runway you want it to land on, when you drag it to the correct runaway that course has been locked in as it were. you can change it in most circumstances though, which makes stacking landings all the easier. The graphics also keep the simple aesthetic going, they are colorful and bright, you will not have any problems telling the planes apart there just isn’t much going on with them though, this is an iPhone game though so you get what you pay for and at 69p they are perfect and don’t hinder the game in any way.

Flight control

Finally this is the game that the iPhone was designed to play, its perfect for whiling away the a long bus or train journey, its simple controls coupled with nice colorful graphics make this a must for any iPhone owner and at only 69p whats stopping you. this game is a great deal of fun and i regularly find myself pulling it out and playing a quick game, be warned though it may suck you in and you may miss your bus stop and have to walk, believe me i speak from personal experience.

Flight Control  5.5/6


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