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Forsaken World Review

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Forsaken World

Developer and Publisher: Perfect World

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Forsaken World is a Free to Play Fantasy MMORPG with a lot of content to offer. This game combines Eastern and Western styles of gaming in a perfect mixture. It offers increasingly beautiful scenery, a plethora of content, and many different crafts to choose from. It also incorporates Zodiac signs into the game allowing players to receive extra bonuses when they ‘pray’ during the time their sign is active giving a greater chance to receive rare items.



The first thing I noticed with the gameplay is that the movement is not what I am used to as a WASD key user.  Any direction you turn requires you to turn the camera yourself. It is a bit of an inconvenience for those with wrist issues but interesting to have a learning curve that fast in the game.

The attacks are fluid and very easy to use. At the beginning of the game you can one shot everything so it is a little deceiving to the player thinking it will be the same outside of the introduction as well. You better be able to kill fast and move away from the area with monsters that have automatic aggro because the re-spawn rate in this game is insane. I calculated the re-spawn time between mobs and it was only 2.5 seconds in some areas and 5 seconds in others.

I did not like how only certain races could be specific classes. Dwarfs, for example, can only be Marksman which is a ranged class. If I wanted to be a main tank class, I had to be a Stoneman since they are the only ones who can be Protectors. Some of the class restrictions made sense though such as Kindred being the only race allowed to play as a Vampire because…. well they ARE Vampires.  Besides that, I enjoyed all of the classes a lot and they play very specific roles for the most part.

The quests are very easy to find and complete because you can choose to go on an automatic route to where you need to go in the quest and you do nothing until you get there. That makes it too easy sometimes and it feels like the game is a pushover, but once you get to the location the action usually picks up so that makes up for the easy routing to the quest. 2013-03-21 12-14-45


The graphics in this game are stunning to say the least. It looks a lot like World of Warcraft but at the same time it has it’s own charm. The details are very precise and give you the feeling that you are actually in the game and not outside of it playing. Enemies have a cartoon like appearance but intimidating at the same time which I believe is hard to pull off and the character sprites are very well made with a lot of details. There are many hairstyles, flair (decorations), and face options but not as many as other games. The only thing I did not like with character creation was the face specific ‘flair’  decorations. I got a little frustrated trying to create my perfect character when the flair and face features I wanted did not show up together.

Attacking in this game is like creating art. The attacks are stunning and each attack is unique in appearance. From the Bard’s attacks with musical notes from her harp to a Warrior’s slash attacks, you will be left in awe as you slam through your enemies one by one.

The mounts are interesting and beautifully done. I am not thrilled with the animations of the mounts but their unique appearances make up for it. There are race specific mounts you can get as well as many from the store, which is the only place you pay for anything in this game.

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The sound effects in this game are great! Attacks from the Bard actually sound like a harp’s notes if you’re using a harp and the same goes for every other instrument: it sounds like it should. The music for each region is great, it sounds like old fashioned RPG music similar to Final Fantasy or Phantasy Star but an updated modern version.

The only thing I did not like with the sound effects is that when you walk on different terrains the sound did not change. I like to hear grass crunching under my feet, dirt being patted down as I run down a trail, and the hardness of the stones under my characters feet.


Forsaken World is well worth the download. It has so much to offer being the purest free to play game I’ve come across such as tons of crafting to a great raiding community to pets for every class and more. The skill trees allow players make their skill set customized for how they like to play their characters.

Though the quests can be repetitive, the game really picks up the pace after level 30 so if you can stick with the game and learn as you go then this game will definitely be something worth spending your time on.  I give this game 5 out of 6 beers.









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