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Founders Curmudgeon Old Ale by Founders Brewing

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 Founders Curmudgeon

When you’re a beer drinker and you’re shopping for none other than beer sometimes you have to take a chance and say I got to try that one! Founders Curmudgeon just so happens to be one of those beers.


Founders Curmudgeon pours an almost cloudy darkened amber to a reddish-brown color, leaving behind it a thick off white head. The leaves some very thick sticky lacing along with clumps of head that just didn’t want to dissipate.


The smell of Founders Curmudgeon is very rich almost a vanilla, maple syrup, and caramel. On second smell I got more of a toasted wood to a spiced pine notes coming very strong in the end.

All together the smell is like a trip to grandma’s house on cookie making day and fresh air is coming in the windows from the pine tree filled countryside.


Founders Curmudgeon tastes creamy and smooth with a bit of a sharp sting of alcohol in the end and a touch of woodiness of the oak aging. As you continue to drink it you get more of the toasted malts, which when combined with the creaminess make the flavor that is more of molasses cookies.

You get more of the sweetness as you continue to drink and this is more apparent because this is a lower carbonated beer. I would say it’s anything flavor wise is over powering, just put together well and a very nice drink after a hard-earned day of work.


Founders Curmudgeon is a bit on the heavy side with mild carbonation, but packing a great flavor that can be hard to describe so that everyone can understand it.  Founders Curmudgeon is a different twist on you usual beer and well worth a try.

This is a great beer that I will try to keep on hand more often, as long as I don’t drink it all. Rich creamy with a flavor all to its own, why are you still reading go get some of this beer already!

 Verdict 6 of 6


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