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Free Users And VIP Users

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Free Users

Today’s online games are offering you to play their game for free but also offers a chance for you to experience the things that are not on the reach of the free players.  Paid players or also known as VIP players are those who are purchasing virtual gold.  VIP levels depends on how much virtual gold are you willing to purchase.  But does one really need to be a paid user to be able to strengthen his character?


Let us examine first the Free user, virtual gold are not exclusively for paid users, the free-loader can also gain an amount of them but it will take time.  It will take dedication and patience in able for one to gain an amount for him to be able to purchase VIP equipment, but we all know that character strength does not solely rely on the equipment.  You must also develop your attributes and gain level, but having said that, I do think that free users would not stand a chance to the VIP of the same level.  VIP users are properly equipped, plus most of the time they are favored by the moderators.  Here are some factors why I said that VIP users are on a different league.


First thing would be the fact that they have more gold than you enabling them to purchase buffs and equipments that are suited for their character, not those equipment that are use in general by a certain class.  The equipment that can be enhanced by gems and buffs that further strengthened them.  Not to mention that those equipment have a long list of option to improve the attributes and stats of a character.  While the Free users are spending too much time saving gold, the VIP users have an instant access to them.


Next would be the character level up, since VIP users gain extra stats and attributes because of their equipment, they can now battle against high level monsters that are giving them higher experience compare to what the Free users are fighting.  Those monsters also drop rare items that can also add to their strength.  And not only that, during the battle phase (which some servers do have) a VIP user has the ability to skip to the result of the battle, enabling them to end the battle phase at once without enduring that long period of waiting.  If the Paid user can skip the battle every time, they would also level up faster than the free user.


Another would be the “VIP SHOP”.  This is the shop exclusively for the VIP users; the free user would not be able to access it until he is willing to spend some real money.  While most of the time the VIP Shop only consists of some ornaments and elements that would alter the appearance of your character, sometimes they are also offering rare pets, or items that would help you unlock different scenarios.


While there are some chances when quantity can battle against quality, this happens during the affiliation war.  Affiliation war is different from guild wars, affiliation war is only consist of 2 parties, each parties is consist of two similar task to finish, the affiliation who is able to finish the task  first or who is able to inflict greater damage appear the victor.  Free user can win against those VIP users depending on how many free users are active.


So do I advise you to be a VIP user?  Not at all, if you are playing the game for just fun and just to experience the whole game and as a stress reliever or to kill time, then you do not need to be a VIP user, but if you are playing the game to compete against other players and you are tired of suffering defeat after defeat, then it’s time for you to be a VIP user.

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