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Future of Gaming according to KING.

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Future of Gaming according to KING.

Based on the statement of the man behind the popular Candy Crush, the future of gaming involves small transaction and free to play gaming.  That statement would not be popular among the hardcore gamer. It seems that the gaming industry is slowly evolving to cater more people.  Furthermore Tommy Palm advised other company to switch into micro transaction and follow the current trend.

Tommy Palm reiterated that a kind of game is not easy to do that is why this requires some good balancing; he also added that these types of games are not that greedy.  He explained that Candy Crush can be played all day without paying.  It is said that half of the players at the end of the level of the game did not waste a single centavo for them to reach that phase.

He also lauded Blizzard for creating a F2P type of game.  Heartstone is a well balanced type of F2P game that many gamer will relate to.  The courage of Blizzard to create a game that is Free to play and target the traditional gamer is such a commendable aspect about the company.

Free to play according to Tommy Palm…..  Yes the players are not required to make any purchase using a real money on those games, but wait haven’t we discussed these type of games before.  These social games that are infested with ads and post ridiculous updates on your social networking site and sometime flood your timeline, I really hope this is not the future of gaming.  King’s games are catered on professionals who are looking for ways to relax and remove their stress, a type of games that would never please a hardcore gamer.

He said, half of those at the end of the game didn’t even waste money to reach that level.  Reality check, half of them did use real money to advance in the game, though the other half didn’t  make a purchase, they  will eventually stumble upon a  level where they need to invite a friend of them to play making it a big multi-level marketing.

While the developers are making money on advertisements, they are also creating money on those poor players that are not spared from the swarm of ads.  Not to mention we are allowing them to gain access on our social networking sites.  So the term “less greedy” is not applicable in this type of game, at least that’s how I look at these games.

I am not a fan of these types of games.  It feels like we’ve been cheated, the game is obviously an old game, the only difference is that you are playing it using your social networking account.  It is a game that is done without exerting much effort and creativity.  Balance?  Balance my ass, Tommy Palm.

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