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Game Hype

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Game Hype

Fan-boys versus Bashers!

Yeah so you have been waiting for the last couple years for the latest and greatest game to come out, but be for it does get released you have to read through all the Hype. What if any is true you be the judge.

Game Hype is one of the most annoying thing about any soon to be launched game. We have fan-boys out there telling us how great this game is going to be and on the other side we have fans of another game bashing this one by saying they just copied this game! Blah Blah!

Regardless what the game is like you can never really predict a game without actually getting in some playtime and feeling out the game for yourself.

Can you remember a game that actually lived up to all the Hype?

I can’t to be honest. I have played a lot of games in my time, but I had a hard time coming up with an example to if use here that was as good as the hype. I would have to one of the Elder Scrolls based would be the closest for me.

As for a game that came out recently I would have say the only other game that was hyped up and pulled through in reality was Bioshock Infinite. Amazing game, but way too short for the price.

When it comes to online games none of them every live up to the hype. Recently Neverwinter released to fanfare and tons of hype. Is the game good yes, but is it as good as the hype I’ll let you decide that.

It’s in the Kool-Aid!

Don’t drink the Kool-Aid! It’s inevitable that fans will over hype a game, there must be something in the Kool-Aid. I’m just trying to have a little fun here.

I think it is human nature that if there is something we like a lot we have to tell other to get them involved. Just as it is to go out of our way to defend the things we like.

I don’t see Hype leaving the gaming scene anytime soon. So you best to just go out there and read as much as you can about what game you’re interested in. I make it a point to not read other review until I have played a game so I can see if I agree with what the review has said.

When it comes to the latest game you decide if it is good or not don’t take my opinion to the bank that’s a check they won’t cash.

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