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Game Moderators

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Game Moderators

Game Moderators are those assigned inside the game to serve as a support for other players, basically his main task is to provide answer to some of the question by the players online, and they also tend to filter the world chat with inappropriate words. But what if they cannot provide answer to your queries?


I am asking this question because of what I have encountered on an online game the other day, basically one of the players was stuck in an event and could not exit after his level increased to 120 during the event.  Fortunately for him the world chat is still working, enabling him to seek for the help of a moderator/instructor.  But the moderator is just as surprised as he was; it seems that this is the first time that they have encountered that kind of bug considering that the game is more than a year now.  So… sadly, the moderator was not able to resolve the player’s concern, he then advice him to wait because he will consult the other moderators.  So the poor player waited for hours for nothing.  I sent him a PM asking what will happen to his character now that it is stuck.  He told me that the moderators are currently looking into it and will just send him updates on his email.  I feel so sorry for him since it does take a while before your character reach that high level, and I don’t think that they would compensate him for the time lost.


There were also times that the moderators became the enemies of the players since they are the one who are making the reports regarding AFKs, BOT, cyber bullying and other things that are prohibited inside the game.  Most of the times the basis of the Instructor in muting a player or banning their characters is just pure hackusations (which we discussed before).  Basically one player will accuse someone with hacking or using a bot since the player is just too good for him and is way beyond his league.  The player should pray that the moderators are in a good mood to let it all pass or else its goodbye for his character.


I remember having a fight on one of the moderators when I asked him to give warning to those who are not speaking English on the World chat (since Speaking English on World Chat is a rule, and a moderator muted me once for not speaking English).  While being silenced is not really a big deal and not a huge punishment, chat is still vital during guild wars or even just for selling your stuff.  I had to tell that moderator about his action of muting me just to remind him of his job, but in the end I was the one who received that punishment.


So what are our options really, when there is no one else we can turn to, when the online instructor has no information on our questions or when they became our enemies (As if the NPC monsters are not enough).  What can we do during this time?  Any suggestion avid readers/bloggers?

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