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Game Tester-the Perfect Job???

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Most of the students dream of becoming a game tester, you are simply getting paid for playing a game, who wouldn’t want that?  You are someone who is required to play a game at the comfort of your home while munching on your favorite food and the best part is you are getting paid to do it.

There are countless of Web Pages and online ads that are trying to seduce the imagination of the students and eventually will lead then on becoming a game tester.  Most of them think that it was the ultimate job but all of them ended up feeling sorry for being enrolled in what they called the “perfect job”

Game Tester no love from Developers!

Sadly, most of the developers are going to tell you that the game tester job is much hyped.  Being a beta tester or assuring the quality of the game has a lot of negativity that students are not aware of. They have been misinformed with those happy thoughts that they filled in their mind. 

While beta testing has been proven a success to some I will not advise any one of our readers to take this job.  There are a lot of better options in store for you rather than being a game tester.

The first aspect where it falls flat is that game tester is not a fun job at all; it is very time consuming and tiring.  You might imagine this job as a normal online games where you have your circle of friends chatting with you while you play the game, but heed me when I say that Beta testing is nowhere like this. 

The purpose of being a QA and game testing is to search for unknown bugs and glitches in the game such as incorrect behavior and game crashing.  In order for one to find these bugs, one has to play the game over and over again.  Let us put an online game for example, let say you are playing on the first map of the game which is the beginners map, you are required to play it over and over again on the beginners map until you find the glitch. Every time you repeat the process you have to try something a bit different hoping for the game to crash.  We are not talking about 10 times of repeated playing we are talking about hundreds and hundreds of times.  This is too far from what you pictured out as the perfect job.

Second, it will not give you a stable income as a game tester, it is not financially rewarding.  Based on a survey done by a certain Game Developer Magazine, being a game tester has the lowest salary of the entire job that concerns a game, even those who have been very long in this business are not getting much from it, but I agree when they said that money isn’t everything.

Game tester as a career.

Finally, being a QA or a game tester has a limited growth opportunity, while some career can lead you into higher position and eventually will take you to a more satisfying career, being a game tester is a bit lacking when it comes to career development.  Most QA testers are still QA testers up to now, no matter how good they are at it.  And since there are many of us who are being blinded by the idea of being a game tester, you cannot really negotiate to move in other companies.

So what is the best advice for those who are seeking a career as a game tester?  Well simple, stay away from being a QA, take a look at other career which might be a lot rewarding compared to QA. Why be in game tester when you can be an artist, designer or an engineer where you can enjoy a higher salary plus you can be sure that you have more alternatives in the future.

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