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Gaming and the economy?

Posted on 8/15/2013 by with 4 comments

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If you watch the news today, you are sure to see something about the economy and how bad it is everywhere. So I decided to write about what is different with gaming and a poor economy.

Companies are cutting back

Let’s face you have a poor economy you see some companies cut staffing and overall this normally hurts with development times. We see this every day that staff is being cut for larger game companies, I just don’t like to report this type of thing too depressing.

As companies cut staff we see games that are cancelled, longer developments time, and the worst for me is simpler or less complicated game.

There is one plus to this is this give a leg up to our smaller and independent game studios who don’t play by the same rules as the larger companies. I love supporting the indie studios as much as I can and in this economy I have been supporting them more and more.

People are cutting back on expenses

A lot of people have cut back on buying gaming items and accessories. The best way I have seen this effect is by looking at your local game shop, there are less and less, items on the shelves or at least that’s what I see at mine.

For the online gaming types a lot of you are dropping subscriptions and going for the free to play games as an alternative. I play a lot of free to play games and you do feel handcuffed at time playing them without spending a dime, but I kind of like the challenge that it presents.

Overall effect

For me I can honestly say the economy hasn’t really effect my gaming, other than that I support more indie games now than ever before. If the economy has affected me its only because lack of decent games have been put out.


So today I ask you what effect has the economy had on your gaming?

4 responses to Gaming and the economy?

  1. On August 15th, 2013 at 8:55 pm , NorthCountyFood said...

    I find myself playing more indy and free to play games. Plus I revisit a lot through my back catalog of steam games.

  2. On August 15th, 2013 at 9:56 pm , Chris said...

    Free to play is the way to go for me right now, the problem is there is just too many!

  3. On August 17th, 2013 at 6:02 am , Eugene said...

    Given that this is a Beer and Joystick forum, I would like to point out the beer side of things….
    With economy going down, some people are feeling the pinch and have to adjust. One of the first things to drop – the beer. The moment you start playing the game sober, you start to realise that your graphics card needs to be upgraded, or your monitor is only 19″ and you would kill for a nice twin 24″ set-up…..
    Bottom line is – we need strong economy 🙂

  4. On August 17th, 2013 at 9:31 am , Chris said...

    Lol, so true!

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