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Gaming on Veterans Day!

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Gaming on Veterans Day!

First off Happy Veterans Day and thanks to all who have served!

So I figured with it being Veterans Day that I would put together a list of war games that I would try to play today rather than sitting in front of the TV watching all the old war movies that will be on.

Here is my list that I’ll be playing all Veterans Day long today.

First I’ll start by playing some WWII games and then later on I’ll move to modern day battles.


War Thunder: (Free to Play) I can’t forget this one this is one of my favorite games, for quick action combat and great graphics as you fly high above WWII battlefields.


World of Tanks: (Free to Play) If you want to keep your feet on the ground, then this might be more what you’re looking for. World of Tanks feature authentic WWII battle field to pursue enemy tanks in an all-out battle.


Blitz1941:(Free to Play) Blitz1941 is a little different it is a strategy game that I have be playing on and off for the last couple weeks. Blitz1941 is a game focused on the Soviet and German tank battles of WWII. Some of these battles are huge with servers able to handle 3000 concurrent players. If you looking for something different to play give this a try.


WWII Online: Battleground Europe:(Free to Play) This is an older game that just keeps hanging around. The pits players against other players in WWII in giant vast open world. The map is about 800KM by 400KM in size. This game requires you to use radios to communicate with other player to coordinate in-game attacks.


I’ll finish my night of with some relaxing online play with some modern day combat games.

These last two are probably the gold standard when it comes to modern day war games. They don’t have much of a single player campaign but they make up for that with great online play.


Call of Duty: Do I really have to say anything about this franchise.


Battlefield: This series is the competition to the Call of Duty series.


So now you know what I’ll be doing today. Have a great Veterans Day and see you in-game!

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