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GeForce Experience

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GeForce Experience

If you have an Nvidia based graphics card you might want to give this a try. Part of being a gamer is tweaking your setting to get your games to run under the best possible settings. Sometimes this can be a lot of work and the good people at Nvidia have us covered by using the Geforce Experience also the app is free.

This little piece of software help keeping your drivers up to date and optimize all of your games with a few clicks right from your desktop. All that is needed to do is point the software to where your games are and it will go ahead and analyze them for optimum settings.

GeforceExprienceThe application at work.


I have been testing this for the past couple day with a few different games and I can say the settings that the software suggests do make you games play smoother. I wouldn’t say that it makes your game look better but smoother overall.  The one thing I noticed was more of the subtle lighting effects which maybe I had turned down in Rift.

As a gamer I will tweak settings just to tweak settings, but if you’re sick of all that this application is defiantly worth the try. We could all use a hand getting the most from our graphics card so give this a try and let me know how t works out for you.

Learn more about the Nvidia Geforce Experience

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