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Get ready PS4 fans! Upcoming games that will surely excite you.

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Sony has released a full list of games that is soon to be released on PS4.  A total of more than 100 games that will surely excite you including some of the previously released games like Thief and MetalGear Solid V and also the much anticipated Assasin’s Creed Unity.  Furthermore it is said that the revolutionary racing game that everyone is expecting, is currently undergoing a major refurnishing thus the release of this game has been moved.  Meanwhile, it is so surprising that the Call of Duty is not included in the list, possible reason is that the developer has not yet announced the platform of this game.

The list can still face some alterations, but having said that this list can still give you something to look up to.  The released master sheet includes the games that was released earlier this year which includes Basement Crawl,  Don’t Starve, Fez, MetalGear Solid V, Rayman Legends, SteamWorld Dig, The Lego Movie, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Awesomenauts assemble, Dead Nation, Dynasty Warriors 8, Infamous Second Son, Outlast, Stealth Inc, Strider, Thief and Towerfall ascension.

The Spring will welcome the new addition to the family of PS4 games as they announced the release of 1001 spikes,  Bound by Flame, Cel Damage, Daylight, Divekick, Guacamelee, King Oddball, Mercenary Kings, Octodad Dadliest Catch, PurePool, Ready to Run, Sports Friends,  The Amazing Spider-man 2, The Swapper, Trials Fusion, Watch Dogs, Anomaly 2, CastleStorm, Child of Light, Final Fantasy XIV, KickBeat, Lego the Hobbit, MLB14 The Show, OddWorld: New n’ Tasty, RBI Baseball 14, Secret Ponchos, Switch Galaxy Ultra, StrikeSuit Zero, Titan Attacks, War Thunder, Wolfenstein The New Order.

Summer is gonna be totally hot as the new set of game tittles added to the heat.  Some of the games included to be released this summer are Counterspy, Final Horizon, Helldivers, Olli Olli, Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate, The Elder Scrolls Online, Race the Sun, Velocity2x, Destiny, Galak-Z The Dimensional, Murdered Soul Suspect, Pavilion, SniperElite 3, The Evil Within, and the latest Transformer Rise of the Dark Spark.

Games to be release this fall and winter would not be left behind.  We can expect the release of Dragon Age Inquisition and Assasin’s Creed Unity during this season.  They will be joined by Alien Isolation, Evolve, The Witness, Rocketbirds 2, Hotline Miami 2, HyperLight Drifter, Ray’s the dead and Guns of Icarus Online.

The list also include games that do not have a tentative date of release.  Assault android Cactus, Backgammon Blitz, Blast Em Bunnies, Defense Grid 2, DriveClub, UFC, Forma.8, Hohokum, Hotline Miami, Lords of the Fallen, Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor, N++, Nuclear Throne, Pier Solar & the Great Architects, Putty Squad, Rogue Legacy, Savant Ascent, Sherlock Holmes, Super Exploding Zoo, The Crew, transistor, Valiant Heart The Great War, Worms Battlegrounds, WWE2K15, Volume, Tropico 5, Ton Clancy’s the Division, The Binding of Isaac, Starbound, Shantae Half Genie Hero, Samurai Gunn, Road Not Taken, Planet Side 2, The Order 1886,  NBA 2K15, Minecraft, MadMax, Legend of Raven, Home, Foul Play, Energy Hook, Dying Light, Diablo III, Cosmic Star Heroine, Batman Arkham Night and Aztez are some of the titles under the TBA list.

Just by looking at this list, you can already figure out that it is going to be a good year for PS4 fans.  We will have to see on the upcoming days if Xbox can keep up with the competition.

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