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Getting back in the groove!

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Getting back in the groove!

Now that the holidays have come and went I’m sure there are some of you out there having problems getting back to work after having a few too many days off. Well I am one of those people which is funny because I love writing and to me it’s extremely odd that I didn’t feel like writing the past couple days.

Some of us are preoccupied with the new gadgets we got for Christmas presents. Maybe it was all the new games we got and were pushing our way through, trying to finish this one to get back normality. I’m sure some of you have been away on holiday and you really haven’t had the time and sometime sitting in a hotel is the least likely place to get anything done. Maybe it was all the parties and a few hangovers that go along with them.

For me it really hasn’t been any of the things, I just haven’t wanted to do anything at all. I’ll chalk that up to pure laziness, than anything else. I have slacked off as much as I should have and now I forcing myself slowly to get back into the groove. Yes I have done a lot of thing over the holidays with my family, and I ignored what I wanted to get for Beer and Joysticks.

I have a lot planned for this year, if you have been normal reader here. I’ll continue my regular columns and reviews along with adding my point of view when I can here and there.

I hope everyone has a great new year and now I’ll get back to what I do best, by playing some video game and having a few beers.

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