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Guild Leader Episode # 50

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GL50What role does your guild play?

So a few days ago I got a great question asking what kind of role should you guild playing in the whole scheme of things. There are lots of roles that your guild could hold, so I’ll go over just a few today.

When you set up your guild you should have already planned this out, well maybe you want to change things up that fine too. Occasionally you might want to change your guilds role.

Roles for a guild.

Newbie friendly training guild

These are guild that are more likely to help their players than progress and as guild. A lot of guilds start out this way before they grow, than they focus more of their attention on guild matters.

These are great guilds, that have a family feel and not a lot of drama or too much extra work for their guild leaders. These are the easiest guild to lead.

Conquer the universe guild.

These guilds types of guild are normally full of PVP and hardcore raid style players. A lot of these style of guilds have set their goals to either gain a hard to find item from battle or to maintain a presence on the battlefields to gain more followers.

This guild normally strives to be on the top of the heap for every battle that takes place on your server. There might be a massive undertaking in getting your crews trained and equipped for battle.

This type of guild requires guild officers to be on the ball with a large degree of organization and scheduling.  These type of guild require a lot of attention and a high degree of leadership, can be one of the hardest guild to run.

A business

I know a few guilds that are nothing more than a business, what do you mean your might ask? Well I have seen quite a few of this types of guild, in the form of a group of crafters that band together to making crafted items for sale on the open markets.

Sometimes these type of guild can corner the market for certain items and make a killing in profits.

This is another type of guild that requires a lot of planning and a lot of team effort to keep the wheels turning. Profit are shared throughout the guild based after the guild takes a cut to pay for its expenses.

Guild Based on Legends or Role Play

I have seen a few guild that were totally based on someone beliefs or a made up story or myth. These types of guild tend to be more role-players than anything else. If you like a good story then this might be the right type of guild to create.

Stories can range from just about anything game related, in-game religious beliefs, items that contain powers, the battle of good versus evil, and anything else that can be imagined.

These type of guild doesn’t require much of anything it is more of a fly by the seat of your pants kind of guild. You just following or lead others with the stories you have all brought together.


As you can see the creating a guild is like creating a blank canvas that you and your guild mates can create together. There really are no right or wrong answers here, just history to made the way you want to make it.

There are many roles that your guild can play it’s up to you to put it to the test to see if people will join you and make it a success.

Guild Leader is a weekly series by Beer and Joysticks .com and written by Chris Gillis covering all aspects of being a better guild leader. If you have any questions or comments we welcome them below this article.

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