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A common trend nowadays on online gaming particularly social games are hackusations or accusations of hacking.  Sad to say that most of these accusations have no basis and at least 95% of the reports are wrong and at least 12% of the players are being banned without any proof.

Hackusations are being raised mostly by those feeble minded players who knew nothing about the concept of internet. Let’s put ourselves in a shooting game for example, you are on the north side of the map and you saw me hiding clueless on the rubble. You aim and shoot at me, bull’s-eye, the blood splattered but I didn’t die, this example is a clear manifestation of hacking.  Let’s say you were shot by the opponent, died without even a scratch on his HP, and you’ll scream foul of hacking you were just an ignorant player full of inferiority complex and envious about the fact that his level of playing and style is much higher than yours.

It is pointless to accuse someone of hacking without any proof, for all we know it could be a technical glitch caused by the game itself.  Just imagine the long hours of grinding and the resources someone has to use before achieving a certain level and you’ll accuse him of not playing fair, for what reason?

Game Hacks!

Game hacks do exist, wall hacks, aim bots, duped items and a whole lot more.  People who use this illegal software can be banned for at least a week on their first offense, characters will be erased and you’ll start from scratch.  Hackusations happen due to some player’s lack of skills, slow internet connection that cause a lag and a few bad lucks.

The other day, I was playing on this online games and someone posted a name of a user on the world chat and accuses him of hacking.  So I tried to challenge him into a duel, I ended up whacking his head not once but thrice.  Which means the accusations of him using a bot was just horrible.  Hackusations are very typical on online gaming; it’s a normal happening inside the virtual world since it is infested with casual gamers.

Growing tired of finger pointing!

I am so tired of someone pointing fingers at you accusing you of hacking, or duping an items just because you have a demi-god armor which by the way was earned due to dedication in the game.  If you are suspecting someone of accusing, use a tool to report those on the admin and the admin will sort it out. 

No one wants to hear you whining just because your class is inferior to others.  But if you cannot shut that goddamn mouth, then pack your bags and leave. No one needs a big mouth on online games.  Go to twitter and post your complaints there you might find someone as ignorant as you that will agree to your opinions.

I am not being mean or in any way trying to insult you, but the fact that you are debasing the way I look at the game that I love means that you just deserve everything that I said.  Hardcore gamers will never use a shortcut to get to the top. They are in the game to play it and not to brag about it.  If you cannot stand seeing someone that’s is better than you are, then online gaming is definitely not for you.  It might be the perfect time to play those old brick games where high scores can be erased by removing the batteries.  Have a good day!

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