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Have you ever learned your lesson from a game?

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Have you ever learned a lesson in game that you were able to use in real life? While talking with a friend the other day he told he learned something in a video game, not from general chat from a quest he was doing. It intrigued me to write about it today.

Thinking as the history buff that I am, I would like to be able someday to see an MMO that is 100% authentic true to history. That way you could play the game and learn something while you played. I’d have to say I don’t think that time isn’t that far away.

Some games have little hidden messages in the quest and tasks needed to be completed for a reward. So we could always say you learned a lesson from about morality maybe from a quest or to do the right or wrong outcomes based on how you want to play the game. You would learn that way, I guess.

How about learning from the actions of another person’s actions in game? I am starting to believe that you could learn a lot from a person’s actions in game such as how they operate in real life.

Yes I know a lot of people play games to do the opposite and to forget the complicated life, but I think that if you did a study today for game players you would see most act like they do in real life.

Well maybe not. Maybe I’m way off base with that assumption, but I hope not. What do you think?

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