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Hearthstone: Things That Make This Great Game Less Fun

Posted on 3/10/2014 by with 2 comments

Hearthstone: Where Young Boy-Priest is Luckier and Has Nicer Cards Than You

With a huge WoW fanbase hankering for something new to play and the rising popularity of Digital Card Games (DCGs), not to mention its recent move into Open Beta, Blizzard Entertainment’s Hearthstone has attracted a sizeable following.

I would peg Hearthstone as a simpler version of the industry standard, Magic: The Gathering, where you don’t necessarily have to sell an arm and a leg to get the cards to do well.  I encountered Hearthstone on League of Legends streams, where top LoL players would play a game or two to make their long queue times more bearable. While those players were later prohibited from showing Hearthstone games on streams of other games, a number of people had begun streaming Hearthstone exclusively. It’s now consistently in the top 5 games streamed on (10 on bad days) with plenty of really popular streamers on at all times of day.

I jumped on the bandwagon a bit late, starting the game just last month, and so far I’m enjoying my experience. But hey, no game is perfect—here are a couple things I’d like to add to the rants section of Beer and Joysticks:

The Topdeck Scenario

This is when either your or your opponent have run out of cards in hand and on the board, and are banking on your next card being a good one. While a well-constructed deck can improve your chances in a topdeck situation, you are really relying on luck for a good next draw (plz give me my Ragnaros topdeck!).

Please let me draw this on the next turn…

While topdeck situations happen in other card games, the fact that draw effects are so limited in Hearthstone make them all the more painful (this is the same reason that drawing cards and card advantage is so strong).

Priest Decks

While Priest decks don’t usually do well in Arena and Constructed play, I find that Priest decks are one of the most annoying to play against. The combination of stealing cards from your deck, ability to heal up damage and mind control effects are just a pain.

The fact that the Priest character, Anduin Wrynn, is a merely a boy just adds insult to injury when he starts taking control of your creatures and healing up all the damage you dealt to him.

Anduin Wrynn, Human Boy Who Will Take Your Creatures

People Who Have Nicer Cards Than You

As someone who just started Hearthstone, this sucks. I started playing ranked recently with a serviceable Unleash the Hounds aggro Ranger deck, minus the rarer cards, and it’s been working pretty well. It just sucks when your opponent, who may well have a suckier deck than yours, plays his gold Leeroy Jenkins or Ragnaros the Firelord and proceeds to stomp your face with it, just because of most rare cards’ power level.

The same thing goes for Arena, Hearthstone’s card draft mode. Sometimes, you just open packs of crappy cards while your Arena opponents drop bomb after bomb of rare-card awesomeness. You’ll think you have the game in hand when out of nowhere drops a Ysera (read: really strong Dragon that gives you tons of nice cards for free) and totally turns the tide of the game. Sigh, at least Arena mode gives everyone a fair shot at getting rare cards.


Well, that’s a load off my chest. While the stuff I just ranted about above may make the game less enjoyable sometimes, Hearthstone is still fun, easy to learn and FREE! If you’re curious about trying it out, you can check it out

; you just need to download the game via the Blizzard Launcher.

2 responses to Hearthstone: Things That Make This Great Game Less Fun

  1. On March 13th, 2014 at 7:08 pm , Izlain said...

    Actually the game just officially released. Open beta was for the last couple of months. Keep going man, the more cards you get the more all of your decks will benefit. For example, I was hating the Warrior for like, ever. Last night my daily quest had me stuck playing either Warrior or Paladin, so I said “eff it” and threw together a haphazard Warrior deck. I managed to win more than I lost. Sometimes it just clicks, especially when you haven’t looked at a deck in a while.

  2. On March 16th, 2014 at 9:31 pm , Brendan George said...

    If you get to the top deck scenario, you’re usually either doing something wrong, losing anyways, or a combination of the two. Also, I strongly disagree with your ‘nicer card’ thing, because the cards that are generally considered some of the strongest TEND to be commons or even basic cards. There’s a few cards like Argent commander that are staple rares, but most of the staples are commons or basic.

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