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How to Survive

Posted on 10/29/2013 by with 7 comments


Publisher: 505 Games

Developer: EKO Software


I know what most of you are thinking right away, another zombie game come on! Yeah but I figured I would give this a shot since it is close to Halloween and I know that a lot zombies will be out then.

Unlike most zombie games one of the games main features is survival and this is I thought I would be interested in more than the main story.

So hopefully this game will answer all your questions on how to survive, and how to survive the recent rising of the undead. So grab a soda, a bag of chips, and your favorite baseball bat and let’s go kick some ass!



Once How to Survive has started you have a few choices to make. I decide to play offline by myself to get my bearing in-game before playing a co-op game with friends.

You can play How to Survive offline with 2 different story modes being story mode or challenge mode. From the looks of it challenge can be very hard, so I’ll keep it to story mode for now.

Next you have to select from 3 base character to play, each have some minor abilities and stats with a little difference. They look good for starting this game. I decide to go with the female character because she has the highest stamina, which help for getting in and out of situations fast.

Now that you have a character the next thing is to do is to pick the overall game difficulty you have two choices normal or hard. I’m going with normal since I have just started.


Finally we get to start the game, there is a short movie that explains how you got on the island after a plane crash. The next thing you find yourself washed up on a beach surrounded by dead bodies.

The game plays like most RPG game with WASD movement and you use mouse click to attack, pretty standard stuff here.

On the beach is another survivor, who seems to have been bitten. This can’t be good. He asks you to help by find a native plant that helps with pain. You agree and venture off to find the plant.

After finding the plant and returning to him, he tells you of a friend of his that has a plan to get off the island and you should go seek him out. Now you fun really starts from this point on and this is where I’ll stop the storyline before I give too much away.

How to Survive basically plays like a hack and slash game with an on the fly crafting system, by combining items to make better items. The whole concept is a really good idea, which lacks the execution in the end. Controls are very sloppy on the PC and at times you feel overwhelmed as you are attacked from all directions with any solid control of your character.



How to Survive will not win any awards for outstanding graphics, as is the case with most top down style games. The graphics are smooth without any stuttering but there is a lack of detail which can be attributed to being zoomed out quite a bit.

How to Survive graphics are pretty good overall there is nothing earth shattering here but I can’t complain a whole lot.



How to Survive has really put a lot of thought into the sounds and effect they are the highlight of this game.

How to Survive has decent sounds and effects, but what really makes the game is the music which is general spooky as hell.



How to survive had all the potential in the world, but this is another bad port from console rushed out to PC to make a quick buck! Controls at times are sloppy which can make for some frustration as you get to higher levels of the game. The game maps are poorly designed. Most maps are nothing more than a maze made up of barrier being place so you can go certain ways and everything is squeezed to fit the islands map.

When i first started playing I thought since this game revolves around the crafting of items to make yourself stronger, but when you get right into it there are so many limitations in  crafting that once you find a weapon you like there is little or no reason to craft anymore.

Can it be fixed? Yes, but the real question is will it be fixed? Not sure time will tell. Just like this was a zombie apocalypse the game has a rough edge like it was thrown together while fighting off the zombie hordes and held in place with a large amount of duct tape.

I love it when little studios put out games and I always will support the little studios, but this game is just not executed well at all. So at this time I cannot recommend this game to our readers, I say wait till it is patched.

Update : The legal actions have been suspended and apologies were issued by complainant. Just to add a little icing to this cake, when I was about to publish this over the weekend there were a lot of allegations brewing about the internet about How to Survive. Allegations of theft of models and other intellectual property, which just so happened to have Steam pull down this game. So I’m not sure what will happen to this game in the future, but I’m sure it will not be pretty.

Verdict is 3 of 6


7 responses to How to Survive

  1. On October 29th, 2013 at 10:02 pm , John Heatz said...

    Oh damn, you beat me to this one!! I’m working on my own review of it!

    By the way, the game is still available on Steam, right now it is even at -30% ($10,49 USD), and the developer that claimed about theft, publicly apologized about it

  2. On October 30th, 2013 at 8:52 am , Chris said...

    Yeah I was meaning to ask you about that, after seeing you had wrote a couple article on the whole thing.

  3. On October 30th, 2013 at 9:02 am , John Heatz said...

    Well, everything’s there, basically, ROAM Dev accused 505 of stealing their idea and publishing How to Survive, then the response was that How to Survive was long into development by the time ROAM appeared, to end up with ROAM developer apologizing because he “didn’t speak French” (obviously, that would make him NOT do any research before openly accusing others of “stealing” his work)

  4. On October 30th, 2013 at 10:26 am , An Aging Gamer said...

    I used an xbox controller so I have not experienced the control issues you did. I do like the crafting system in the gamen however, playing more now, i noticed a couple of rhings. One problem I found was inventory size. I wish there was a way to create maybe a storage box so you can keep things you may not be able to use at the moment. The other is finding blueprints. I am not sure if it is supposed to be random or not, but I found the same exact bkueprints in the same locations with two different characters. I hope it becomes a little more random. I still enjoy it, but would like to see some variation in the base weapons and maybe change the skill trees a little more between the three characters.

    Sorry for the long comment, hahaha.

  5. On October 30th, 2013 at 2:45 pm , Chris said...

    I used a keyboard and mouse to controls, most my problems are on the mouse side of things. Where the cursor of targeting recitals tend to wander off screen and then you have no idea what your shooting at or fighting.

    I don’t think anything is random in game, I have found same item in same places as you have on different characters. If there is randomization of items it might be I didn’t find much of a difference between items. I meant to mention that in the review, but felt I was getting long winding there.

    Long comments always welcomed!


  6. On October 30th, 2013 at 5:49 pm , Rico said...

    I also enjoyed the challenges. A buddy of mine and i have had fun doing the first one. Have not beat it yet, but maybe tonight will be the night. If they randomize the map and item locations, I think that will greatly improve things. I heard they are working on a a DLC and possibly a patch that may arrive this holiday season. Hopefully that will improve some of these things.

  7. On October 30th, 2013 at 6:22 pm , Chris said...

    Thanks for the update Rico!
    That would be great, I hope they follow through a patch could make all the difference in that game.

    Good Luck with finishing it!

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