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Introducing Alum with developer’s interview.

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Game: Alum

Developers: Crashable Studios

Once again as we continue to support indie developers were here to introduce another great looking indie game Alum by Crashable Studios that needs our support.

Alum is a point & click adventure game as they describe it as a mature “RPGesque” storyline very similair to the classic Monkey Island series.

Not only does Alum have an original storyline but it will also have great music as the developers are musicians too and plan to record the soundtrack as well the coding and putting together the game. I’ve babbled enough let’s get on with what we know so far about Alum


The story of Alum

Alum Descry is a 26-year-old man who has lived a seemingly simple life. His entire life in the city of Cosmos has been peaceful and easy to maintain. The Mayor of the city, “Mr.Glym”, is praised for all his heroic acts and the genuine kindness he shows to all the inhabitants of Cosmos. Mr.Glym is also highly revered for the invention and production of E-bots (robots that protect Cosmos from creatures of darkness that come from the frozen wasteland outside the city). The city of Cosmos was designed to make all aspects of living -school, work, protection and entertainment- as convenient and comfortable as can be.

Alum is married to a beautiful woman named Esther, and they have lived contently in love for two years together as Alum works as a message runner for “The Golden Stork” (the mailing system for the city of Cosmos). But within the last few months, Esther has become dull, growing more and more despondent with every passing day. It has gotten so bad that she hasn’t spoken in two weeks. The emptiness in the connection between Alum and his wife is destroying him inside, day in and day out. Rumor has it, there is an epidemic known as “The Vague” sweeping through Cosmos. It is apparently plaguing more and more people with an overwhelming sense of disconnection and causing them to seem more dead to each other than alive. Alum is fearful that he himself is infected. Underneath the surface, his heart is growing hopeless and cold.

This is where you the player, begin; as he steps outside his door for another day of work, Alum is really being drawn to step outside of the system he’s always lived in, in order to find some answers! There is a deeper force at work, orchestrating the situations around him that will ultimately bring him into full discovery of who he really is, and will unveil the depths of what’s really going on.


Our Thoughts:

The story lines look to have epic twists which will have you wondering who you can trust in-game. Lots of mysterious goings on have effect on the outcome of the game. This looks another great concept and great indie game to keep an eye on. I can’t wait to be able to explore the city of Cosmos.


Now let’s dig a little deeper into the head of one of the developers of Alum with an interview.


Would you please tell us a little bit about yourself?  (Name, Positions, why you’re making a game?) 

Our names are Luke Orsie, Micah Orsie, and Brittany Howard. Together we form “Crashable Studios”. I (Luke) will be handling all the backrounds and some of the sprite animations for the game, Micah will be doing all the programming, sprite animation, and sound, and Brittany howard is doing concept art… and we are all collaborating to make the music. We are making the game Alum because we have always wanted to create an awesome point-and-click game since we were kids and we now have the resources, know-how, and experience to make it happen.

How did this game get started?

The story has been one of a few of Micah’s concepts and since we have always wanted to create a classic style, point and click adventure game, we thought “Alum” would be perfect for it.

When and where was game studio formed?

It (crashable studios) started out about a year ago, sometime in 2012 as a place to create artwork, music, and film projects. It’s a musical practice space turned studio, in our house.

How long has Alum been in development?

The idea of the story has been forming about in the corners of Micah’s mind for years. He started making the game in 2008 which he worked on for about a year. Right up until our older brother Josiah reformatted the computer trying to fix something. Needless to say none of the game was backed up anywhere.(He’s backing his stuff up now…) So here we are, 2013… And he’s ready to approach the project once again.

What programing language, tools, and software did you using to make Alum?

We are using a combination of AGS, Photoshop, Flash, Premiere, cosmigo promotion.

What was your inspiration for making this Alum?

Probably most of the classic point and click games we grew up playing. We’d all sit around the computer and try to figure out the puzzles together. Particularly the Quest for Glory series, Monkey Island, and Roger Wilco.

Do you have any advice for people planning to make an Indie Game?

I would say go for it!

And make sure you back up your game! 😉

Thanks to anyone and everyone that has joined us in the battle for our kickstarter goal! We hope to impress with “Alum”.


If you like what you see here please support this project as with all the indie development teams, they really need our help!

Visit their KickStarter page Alum

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