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Introducing Balrum with Exclusive Developers Interview

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BalrumDevelopers: Balcony Team


We would like to introduce our community to Balrum, a game currently under development and they need our help! As we always like to help our Indie development teams accomplish their goals and help them get the money to complete this game.

Balrum is a sandbox RPG game that is currently in development and seeking investors on Kickstarter. For me this game looks very good indeed, so we decided to add to this article by contacting the staff for interview and they graciously accepted.

So first off thanks, to them for taking the time out of their day to complete an interview for us.


Balrum RPG Game

The Kingdom of Balrum is in chaos will you lend you hand to save the land from the undead hoards.

Now that Nasrus revealed his plot, the kings of Balrum sent their armies to the borders of the unknown lands captured by Nasrus. The power of the undead armies had been greatly underestimated. No one survived the battles. Without the armies of the kings, chaos has overcome Balrum. Large bandit clans formed and started to live by their own rules. Soon the kings of Balrum had fallen. Two little village stood up against the new bandit rulers and decided that the only way they will survive is if they hide in the Dark Woods. No one dare enter the Dark Woods and this is what the villagers took advantage of. A horrible deal has been made, but the villagers are safe for now. The undead hordes of Nasrus are still waiting at the borders, but they can march into the heart of Balrum anytime their lord commands and there is no one to stop them. The people wonder why the good gods of Balrum, Adacus and Eogor don’t seem to be interested in the events that took place…

This game offers so many different ways to play it could revolutionize the way game makers make their games in the future. Balrum is a completely open ended game with the full sandbox environment.


Balrum Game play features

World: While wandering around the world of Balrum you have chance to spawn various random encounters, forest fires, boss spawns, epidemics, and various rare mob spawns.

Quests: The developers really enjoy telling a story and say that is one of the most important part of Balrum. Each quest will include a story to complete, with dozens of side quests to complete also.

Benefits of building a house: NPC can visit your house to drop off a quest for you to complete, you receive buff from sleeping in your house, building a crafting near your house will make your crafting much safer.

Building and crafting: from build small tool, to weapons, right up to build house and buildings.

Farming: well you need food to survive.


Gathering: there are plenty of items to gather throughout the world of Balrum for you crafting needs

Hunting and Fishing: this is a valuable food source and crafting material. You can learn more techniques as progress like sneaking and setting up traps.

Combat: turn based combat with 65 spells so far.

Skills: are level based so you can always better a skill by use. These skill include picking locks, create weapons/armor, woodworker, mining, herbalism, alchemy, hunting, sneaking, and pickpocket.

Environment: Full weather effects with a day/night cycle, along with fog of war system.


System Requirements: Are set very low even at maximum settings. CPU 1.6ghz, 1GB RAM, Basic Video card, Minimum Resolution 960×576.  So everyone will be able to play this game regardless of system.

Balrum looks like an old school RPG with many more features than available on most RPG games. I will be keeping an eye on this one for sure.

If you like what you see I recommend supporting this project I have added the links below for you to get more information.  As always please support our Indie Developers




Kick Starter Page:


Interview: Balcony Team makers of upcoming RPG Balrum


Would you please tell us a little bit about yourself/team?

We are two university students George and Attila with  big dream. That dream is to release our first game Balrum. We are true gamers. We love to play video games and the both of us always wanted to create a game of our own. Sadly nowadays we can’t play that much. Come to think of it we don’t play at all. Work, work.

How did you get in the game industry?

It all started as a university project. We were programing pathfinding systems and started to play around with OpenGL. After a while we bought a few books and started to teach ourselves. We really enjoyed learning and while learning we created smaller projects. One day we sat down and decided to do a larger project and that project was the engine of Balrum.

When and where was Balcony Team formed?

On the balcony. 🙂 We were thinking on what name should we give ourselves and it came to us. All of our brainstorming sessions were held on our balcony… We have this name for about a year now. The balcony is where the story of Balrum was born.

How long has Balrum been in development?

The game it self has been in development for about a year, but if we count in the engine than 2 years. Two long years but two really fruitful years. Right now we are filling up chapter one of the game with content.

What programing language, tools, and software did you use to make Balrum?

We are using the “Minecraft” language mainly which is Java, with a little of C,C++ here and there. For graphics we use OpenGL, and OpenAL for audio.

What was your inspiration for making this Balrum?

Our biggest inspiration was the Gothic series and the Ultima series. The living world of Gothic will always amaze us and generally we love RPGs so an RPG game was absolutely our first choice.

WE have heard of stories of people being very brutal on Indie game on Steams Green Light do you plan to use that later one?

Yes we do. We think that Greenlight is a must do for us and lots of our backers asked us to make Balrum available on Steam so we will try to get in.

Do you have any advice for people planning to make an Indie Game?

Never give up and work as hard as you can. Make sacrifices and have a plan. Having a well thought out plan is really important. At the beginning we were not so coordinated and that slowed us down. Now we plan ahead for months and it helps a lot!

There you have it, I hope everyone enjoyed this, I know we did. I can’t thank the guys over at Balcony Team enough for doing this interview and wish them the best for their game Balrum, we will be watching with great anticipation. I cant wait to get my hands on the game once it ready.

2 responses to Introducing Balrum with Exclusive Developers Interview

  1. On August 6th, 2013 at 5:14 pm , MasterX25 said...

    If this game was multiplayer sandbox, there would be a lot of opportunity.

  2. On August 6th, 2013 at 10:49 pm , Chris said...

    Yeah that would be very cool. I hope there will at least be some LAN play for this, but I think its more of a wait and see for these feature right now. They need funding first.

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