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Invented Event!

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Invented Event

Most online gaming today presents a lot of side quests and game events keeping you a lot busy, thus reducing the satiety effect that in my opinion is the greatest enemy of today’s online games.  A lot of these events seem loosely connected to the main idea of the game. For example in “Pockie Pirates”, I mean, what is the use of daily sailing quests and daily cooking quests?  It does give you some reward, but do nothing for the improvement of your character. They could’ve at least thought of a better side quests that will add up to the improvement of your character, but having said that “Pockie Pirates” already has numerous amount of side quests and events.  That daily sailing or cooking quests are no longer needed.

Traditional RPG games will present you with optional quests frequently. These quests can help you boost your character or will reward you with equipment or valuable items.  Unlike today’s gaming where optional quests have nothing to do for the success of the game players simply ignored them due to their lack of sense.

I have high regards for the Game masters/Moderators who present additional events for the fun of the netizens, MU servers (MU Online) for example offers a last man standing, hide and seek game or a jumble word games to the delight of the players. Winners will receive rare items that you can use to boost your equipment.  (I can’t say the same about the multiple bugs on the game which we will discuss some other time)

Browser games like Dragon City sometimes offer you a side quests that give you a chance to gain a rare type of dragon, but more often than not these quests are hard to finish without the use of some cash to buy a gem that will allow you to complete the quest.  And to top it all those dragons are just a waste of time and not that tough as compared to the other breed able dragons.  Having a rare dragon adds a spotlight to your town, that some of the casual gamers prefer.

I am hoping that they could’ve at least present us with more creative side quests.  Yitien gave us a chance to battle the masters and measure how strong we really are.   I’m tired of the usual killing spree during guild wars, maybe they can at least give the guild masters options on what event to choose. After all the outcome of a true war does not only rely on the strength of one team, strategy plays a huge part on the victory of the guild.  A chess like guild war perhaps, wherein each team member can cast only a single skill during the entire game plus they take turns alternately, wouldn’t that be more exciting and interesting for the new players?

PVP battle mode is becoming lame as most if not all of the online gaming site offers no selection for us to choose. The traditional hand to hand combat is so boring that you can just click the duel button and go back to sleep.  A racing game wherein a player would be able to ride his pet sounds a good idea, it does give a new function to the pet and not just an additional decoration in the game.  Admit it though it does give you a buff, it is still practically useless during the battle mode.

It seems that these developers of online gaming stopped being creative and just started plagiarizing each other’s content.  Why stay away from the traditional method if it gives us a satisfactory result?  Unfortunately they are satisfied with just following and not leading the innovation in the gaming industry. We have yet to find a game that would surprise us and renew our faith in online gaming.

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