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Irish Style Lager

Posted on 12/21/2013 by with 2 comments

Irish Style Lager

By Rogue Ales

I begin the hunt to find the right beer to bring to a Christmas party and this was one of the on the fly picks that I decided to give a try.


Irish Style Lager pour a very pale golden yellow, almost straw colored with a bone white head of a finger or two in height. The head tends to hang around longer than expected leaving some light lacing on the edges of the glass as it subsides into the beer.


Irish Style Lager has a light malty to grainy smell with just a hint of citrus coming in at the end. At times it smells more of a fresh biscuit with that touch of citrus.

It has that light fruity smell of what you would expect on spring day’s breeze.


Irish Style Lager begins with a malty and bready grains just as we smelled and then there is a subtle taste of a sweeter orange/citrus flavor coming in stronger at the end. On second drink you get more of the citrus up from and little more kick from the bittering hops end with almost a sour taste.

This beer has a lot more carbonation than I expected and this makes the sourness of the beer pop a little more than expected.

Irish Style Lager to me seems to have its flavors off a bit on this one, it is a different taste that’s for sure.


Irish Style Lager is a very light beer that has higher carbonation than expected it has less flavor that I thought I was getter and when I did get it to me it seemed like flavors were off a bit.

For me this one misses the mark it looks like a great light beer and is ok for a taste, I won’t be frequently buying this one.

Verdict 3 of 6


2 responses to Irish Style Lager

  1. On December 24th, 2013 at 3:16 pm , Gdub said...

    Rogue makes a Hazelnut variety, and it is Delicious, particularly on tap, as that’s the way I had it.

  2. On December 29th, 2013 at 6:14 pm , Chris said...

    I haven’t had that one might give it a try if I see it.


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