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Ironward CEO Hrvoje Horvatek Interview

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The Red Solstice

We recently did a game review of Ironward’s upcoming game called The Red Solstice and today we follow up with an interview from their CEO Hrvoje Horvatek. Read Review here

Please introduce yourself to our audience. Name, Title, and little bit about yourself.

Hello, I’m Hrvoje Horvatek, Project Lead and CEO of Ironward. I’m one of our awesome team that worked on our first title The Red Solstice for past 5 years, in our free time, while studying or doing other jobs.

1.    How did you get started in game developing and do you have any tips and hints that could help some inspiring new game developers that are reading?

I knew I always wanted to do some creative work for my job, I’m that kind of person, and I was playing a lot of games, so it kinda arrived naturally that I wanted to connect those 2. First hint I would give to anyone, be persistent, and don’t give up on your dream, just go for it. Second, use Unity or some real engine, don’t write it yourself like we did 🙂 Also start working on some small games before going big.

2.    What part of the game did you work on?

Most of my work is around organizing stuff and game play programming, but I also worked on some graphics (marine core models) and story.

3.    What engine was used to make The Red Solstice?

We made our own, which wasn’t the brightest idea but it seemed cool at that point 🙂

4.    How did the studio Ironward get started?

Two people (friend and me) agreed to try and make a game step by step, and see where it would lead us, well, it led us to The Red Solstice 🙂

5.    Does Ironward have any future projects besides The Red Solstice?

There are some planned, not sure which direction will we take, but for now we’re focusing only on The Red Solstice, and getting it with maximum amount of polish, specifically because it’s our first project.

6.    When you decided to make The Red Solstice was there any other games that you used for your inspiration to help this one along?

Yup, Warcraft3, Night of The Dead which history is almost 15 years old now, one of my favorite games (mods), it’s something that never ever existed, and was a popular mod I always kept coming back. So it was logical, it needed a true representative in the gaming world.

7.    What do you believe is the best feature in The Red Solstice?

Teamwork, it’s how people connect to each other, work together, and become a true team that works as a perfect wheel. Looking at unorganized team that has no situation under control, and looking at perfect team with perfect leader that can control any situation and direct anything to their benefit, it’s simply amazing.

8.    Being a small indie development team what did you find is the hardest thing about making a game and getting it released today?

Hardest thing was definitely building an engine for us, getting all systems to work properly, and to work as expected to present the correct game play experience. We still have problems with difficulty, game is too hard to many people, so we’re trying to work on that, to keep the level of difficulty but teach people more with tutorials so they can actually control the game better. Hardest thing related to release, well it’s marketing, getting on big sites, getting people know about the game, that’s the hardest part ever, game is obviously not bad, people keep coming back, but people don’t know about it.

We have just starting a weekly column (all about helping people get into game developing) it’s called “So you want to be a game developer!” would you be willing to do another interview for that in the future?

Why not! 😉


Thank you for your support!



We can’t thank Hrvoje Horvatek enough for taking the time out of his day to complete this interview and agreeing to help us out more in the future with our new column “So you want to be a game developer!”.

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