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It happens every year

Posted on 9/12/2013 by with 0 comments

It happens every year

I’m not sure if it happens every year but it seems like this to me that every year between July and August there is a dry spell of new games coming out. I’m pretty sure this happens every year about this time, when there are a limited amount of games coming out, I don’t think I’m imagining this.

Of course you have Madden coming out right before football season starts but after that we have to wait for the odd year for when something gets released.

Luckily this time is just about over as new games are starting be released now. We had Saint’s Row 4 come out a week ago, this week we have ARMA 3 and next week we GTA5 so I believe the dry spell is over for a while.

After this it seems like there is another dry spell in the winter months before Christmas, I think a lot of game companies wait to make a big push to get games out for the holidays.

We also have another dry spell after New Years and then we have games coming out in spring.


Does anyone else see this or is it all in my head (It happens every year)?


So today I ask you, do you think there is a dry spell in the amount of games being released?

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