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Are Item Shop items necessary?

Posted on 7/14/2013 by with 1 comment

Item Shop

Online games they are a changing, to more of the Free to Play environment. So as developers try to make the much need cash from the game item shop, we ponder what are the limits should be placed on these items?

There really are two lines of thought on the item shop.

One: The people that don’t want these Items from the item shop to have any effect on game play. For simplicity I’ll call this group the “Achievers”. 

Two: The people that want these item from the item shop to effect game play or, as people call it Pay to Win. I’ll refer to these people as the “Un-Achievers”.



Let’s start off with the first one these people like to earn things without outside help especially items from the item shop and their in-game achievements are part of the reason why they play the game to begin with.

The achievers a lot of times don’t always take the easy way out of things. These people like to see a game the way the developers intended to make without help from special items or in their mindset they consider these cheats.

There is a second group of Achievers these are people that are only playing in this group because they refuse to pay money for a game or they can’t afford paying for items.

I consider these people these people part of this group but not really part of this group, because the true achiever doesn’t want to spend money in game. So some people in this group will take the easy way out of tasks in game when available.


So this group is the main group that developer focus on to sell items to. This group tends to take the easy way out of things and if items from the items shops does that there all for it.

This group tends to want help in all aspect of the game from leveling to needing the upper hand in PvP, part of this may from be insecure in real life. That was a generalization and wasn’t really fair, but I’m leaving it in because most of the people I know that are item shop junkies fall in to this category.

Conclusions from the Item Shop

The choice is up to buy or not to buy. As more game go down this route of Free to Play the game needs to have money coming in or they can’t support it. So by all mean if you like a Free to Play game please support it by buying items so it can thrive for years to come.

I don’t mind the games that have items in item shops that have only an appearance difference without any benefit other than it looks cool. I wish more games did this to limit the amount of buy to win game play. Items that have higher than normal stats, give advantage in leveling up, and items that give and unfair advantage shouldn’t be in-game unless they can be achieved in game without spending a dime.

That’s just my opinion, what do you think about item shop items?

So today I ask you, do you buy from the Item shop?

One response to Are Item Shop items necessary?

  1. On July 15th, 2013 at 5:05 pm , HoolieCal said...

    The Item Shop is like you mentioned an actual income wagon for F2P or any Game for that matter.

    Items need to be fair and maintain a certain balance among players, Imagine being able to buy a BFG from doom in a MMO PVP tht would suck for the rest who didnt bought it.

    I do buy stuff on the Item Shop but mostly items like gift boxes or stuff that has a certain effect on the people around it.

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