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Just an Opinion: Elder Scrolls Online Coverage

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 Elder Scrolls Online

Starting on Friday last week some members of the press were lucky enough to get a chance at some hands on Elder Scrolls Online and were able to show the world. I was not one of the lucky ones but I figured I would comment on some of the article that have been published since the embargo was lifted to these few press outlets.

First off I want to say these are only opinions and nothing more all based of press coverage and nothing more.

The Game is boring!

VG24 and Rock Paper Shotgun coverage said the Elder Scrolls Online was boring. Boring maybe the starter areas are boring, boy that would be different to ever other game out there. I can’t really speak about this game being boring, but I would hope that it isn’t.

Well based on everything I have read from other coverage they have said many people would be put off because there is no hand holding tutorial Elder Scrolls Online or from quest to quest or any easy way to level up. Is this what made it boring or was it that the writer doesn’t like this type of game and prefers FPS games.

Let’s move this article along before people claim this is boring!

No Tutorial

Several press site pointed out that there is no tutorial in Elder Scrolls Online and that you have to figure it out on your own. That kind of reminds me of the early days in Star Wars Galaxies. For me this is not a complaint I kind of like that.

Anytime there is a challenge in-game people start throwing rocks like an angry mob, it’s funny to me because I actually like the idea of having to learn as you go.

Free to Play

This has been hammer to death already, but there certainly has been a lot of talk about this in the last week, everyone got in the action Forbes, Gamasutra, Massively and a lot more.

I have said this before, Elder Scrolls has a huge following, not sure if this is enough to support it after 3-4 month though. I think free to play will creep into this game in 6 months tops.

For the record

I’m not sticking up for either side, each has some valid points. I wish Zenimax and all their employees well and I hope the Elder Scrolls Online sticks around for a long time, but on the other hand I hope that you listen to the gamers playing your game rather than press people that probably wouldn’t play your game anyway.

I also wish that press people would use and open mind when playing games, if you start and article off saying I normally don’t play fantasy RPG’s and then you hate this game you could have saved us all the time of not writing in the beginning.

I forgot that being controversial gets you traffic. For me if one person likes my posts I’m happy, I really don’t much more that. Rather than writing to be heard it’s better to write to be appreciated, but hey that’s just my 2 cents.

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