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Lakefront IPA

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Lakefront IPA

By Lakefront Brewery

Like an addiction when I see a beer that I haven’t tried, I have to get it a go. So I picked up a six-pack of Lakefront IPA for a recent gather of old friends with the hopes that this would be a hit. To my surprise this beer was a lot better than expected. So anyway, let me get on with the review.


Lakefront IPA pours a slightly cloudy beautiful orange to amber brown with a nice bone white fluffy head about two fingers or so tall. The head dissipates quite fast leaving a thick layer of lacing around the sides of the glass. The carbonation is very light, with very few bubble flow up the side of the glass.


The smell of Lakefront IPA is that of a traditional IPA. First you get a strong aroma of piney hops followed by grainy malty with citrus notes coming in strong in the end. Grapefruit to citrus smell is the most evident traits of the aroma of this IPA.


This even bodied beer has mild carbonation with big tastes of sweet malty to bitter citrus hops. This beer features the classic hop flavoring and bitterness of a very well designed beer.


Lakefront IPA tastes great with all the flavor of a gold medal winning beer. I will defiantly be picking this beer up again. This a great beer of choice for a steak dinner with friends, but I can see this being a beer that good with just about any food.

Overall this is a keeper, great beer!

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