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Landing on Top of the Battle Mode.

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 Landing on Top of the Battle Mode.

It definitely needs more than just those fast clicking fingers to whack your enemies head when it comes to online gaming fights.  Of course it still depends on the rules of the game, controls and special combination attack and also the basic know how  inside the game,  that  is why we keep on telling you that it is very useful to read the game guide before starting to play the game.  So beside those things first stated above, we will provide you with some of tips on how you can ace those PVP battles.

1. Having enough information about the enemy.

It is but normal to know your enemies before engaging on a battle, but most of the players forget about this step and carelessly attack without even knowing the weakness and strength of the opposing side.  It is critical and a viable knowledge in battle that you have sufficient knowledge about your enemies, sometimes only the experience gamers know about this.  In order for someone to know the weakness and strength of a certain character, one has to experience a series of lose and struggles and that will eventually lead him on learning the styles of other players.  There are games that will provide you with your opponent’s skills, remember when we discuss the classes?  By now you should be able to tell which character is stronger against a certain class. Do not stop from learning and once you gain enough of it, I am sure that you will be able to formulate your own attacks.

2. Increasing the Defense

I know it is always your focus to increase the attack of your character, what a sight it would be to show those critical attacks that is severing the enemies.  But remember that a strong attack can only work for those amateur players.  By now most of them already know that keeping your defense high will increase your chance in winning duels. If you do not possess the skill to decimate your enemies in one fatal blow then you definitely need to strengthen your defense.  The measure of those great warriors depends on their capability to defend on attacks with a huge magnitude.

3. Choosing your weapons

Just like how some games are giving you too much freedom to choose your characters and special attack, they too are giving you an option to choose your weapons.  Choose weapons that can be upgraded and is possible a weapon that can execute a special skill or with additional attributes to your character.  Take advantage of what the game is offering you, make sure that you are armed with the best weapons and armaments possible.

4. Do not rush.

I know that most of you are feeling the pressure of an online games and your resolve is to act swiftly.  Yes I do agree that it is necessary for one to act and decide quickly if you want to get ahead of the game.  But that would not asure you that you will ace the duel mode.  Having patience on the game and learning while playing it can add to your chances of ending on top of the food chain.  Play the game repeatedly until you reach a level of mastery and enough confidence to challenge other players.  Some players use brutal force and just charge an opponent without even thinking about the opponent’s next move, which will eventually lead to their defeat.  Take your time on learning the best possible attack and combination to your character and we are assuring you that you’ll definitely ace the PvP battle mode.


Of course as we say, the basic things are still as important as the things we mentioned here.  And it still depends on the rules of the games.  As we always remind each and everyone of you, read the goddamn game guide.


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