League of Legends: Newer Champions Putting Older Champions Out of their Jobs

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League of Legends: Newer Champions Putting Older Champions Out of their Jobs

While League of Legends is one of my favorite online games, it seems like the new champions that Riot Games keeps releasing tend to overshadow the older champions they created.  I hate how this leads to the same champions being picked in higher level ranked play and tournaments.  Just to list a number of examples:

Yasuo-The-Unforgiven-Splash-Art-1Yasuo, the Unforgiven

•    Yasuo: The newest addition to the league really outshines older melee attack damage champions, like Master Yi.  With his passive that doubles critical strike chance, low cooldowns (something common in a lot of the new champs) amazing ability to block all projectiles from his Wind Wall and powerful ultimate, he can jump into a teamfight from really far away, deal ridiculous amounts of damage, practically blowing up squishies, and do it all with style.

•    Lucian: Another very fresh champion, he was first popularized by the Korean League of Legends scene.  With his great damage through the use of skills, he makes one of the oldest ADCs, Corki seem like he doesn’t pack enough punch.

Kha'Zix_OriginalSkinKha’Zix, the Voidreaver

•    Kha’Zix: This jumping purple bug outclasses an older physical damage assassin, Talon, by far.  Kha’Zix has great burst damage, up to three uses of stealth and the ability to chain kills or escape with his leap that resets cooldowns after each kill or assist.

I know that Riot Games really sets out to make League of Legends a really balanced game, where all champions have some viability, but some of the older champions are now just being ignored by most players.  Hopefully the newer champions that Riot’s design team comes up with will have more unique skills and mechanics so they don’t take over the roles that the older champions play and we start seeing more of the old champs on the Fields of Justice.

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  1. On February 20th, 2014 at 10:33 pm , Waterseas said...

    Comparison of Khazix to Talon – Khazix doesn’t have a powerful silence and a relevant stealth. In addition, Talon’s scaling is far superior. He’s really just a more difficult champ to play.

    Comparison of Lucian to Corki – Mildly ridiculous, considering corki is just as if not more powerful than Lucian XD Also, does a large amount of magic damage, which as an adc is awesome.

    Comparison of Yasuo to Master Yi – They fulfill different roles, Master Yi is a much better jungler while Yasuo is a better laner. Master Yi is also more capable of destroying the enemy team late game, and has a better chase post 6.

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