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Life Experience Degrees for Playing MMO’s.

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What the hell is a life Experience degree? Some schools give credit for live experience and current working experience. Personally to me with some of the resumes and CV’s I have seen over the years, the way that people embellish the truth that degree would be useless.

As I write this I don’t know of any school that allows this and if you find one that does allow gaming experience towards a degree please let me know below I would be a PHD by now.

Now back on topic there are so many phony people in the world that they might as well give you credit for playing your favorite fantasy world.

Well the way I see it, if you are a game player you should be able to get life experience for playing a game. You should get credit for social interaction along with building you’re in game reputation.

Things Learned In Game

  1. Tactics: (learning how to properly attack certain mobs in game can be a challenge, but is a lesson in tactical arts. I’m not saying you are ready to lead an army yet, but this is a step in the right direction.
  2. Scientific Method: Research and decision making of in game items such as crafting to full potential, problem solving, and along with other related research needed in game.
  3. Social Interaction: We need to be able to communicate in game clearly, so gamers have created their own language with abbreviated words, also the headset have become another primary communication tool.
  4. Marketing: Are you a guild leader or guild officer? Then you probably had to sell your guild to a potential new member. That’s a marketing ploy. You would do the same trying to sell your wares in game.
  5. Economics: This would be for anyone who plays the auction house game. Anytime you have to buy from or place items on the market you are dealing with games economy.
  6.  Diplomacy: If you’re a guild leader or senior member of a guild you will have to learn how to compromise and how to deal with difficult situations.

I could list more and more things that have and can be learned in game but I’ll leave that to you. The gaming world is much different than real life but some much the same.

So after all this do you think that you should get life experience at university level for your gaming experience?

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