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Look Out for Those Scammers!

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Here on beerandjoysticks we are providing you tips on how to be a pro on gaming, but we also provide you with ways on how to stay safe and be protected online.  As we all know internet is a fun place but it also poses the threat to our security.  So today we will provide you with tips on how to avoid those online scammers.  We will enumerate some of the most popular scams online and ways on how to avoid them.  Before the most vulnerable to these scams are those who are playing online casino’s but today that the virtual gold has become so popular, scammers find their way to abuse that element.


Let us first talk about online casinos.  Anyone ever encountered those bonuses stating that you are qualified to receive a bonus in exchange for a few amount of money?  And when the time comes that you will redeem your bonus they are saying that you are already ineligible to claim it.  Think about it, in the first place, how did they manage to get your contact information?   These games are made for profit and will not let you give bonuses that easily.  To avoid these kind of scam ignore this kind of offers, be suspicious of those transaction that is offering you a huge benefit in exchange for a few penny, there is no such thing as that.  Those were scams.  Then there is the “piracy” issue on online gambling.  While you can verify the legitimacy of the organization through ICG, the logos of them are still too easy to copy.  Scammers would go as far as imitating and duplicating a legitimate online casino.  A good measure to take is to look up the name of the casino on the organization, ICG always provide an easy way on how to verify the authenticity of an online gambling page.


Next would be the more popular one, those massively multiplayer games.  Most of the times scam happens when players agreed to have a transaction out of the game.  These are transactions that involve real money.  There were people who are offering to sell their character or valuable equipment in exchange for some cash.  This is pretty dangerous since you are not really sure if the other end will keep his bargain.  Most of the time when the money has been transferred or the item, the other party would just disappear.  One thing you must remember is to avoid doing transaction out of the game; it is much safer to trade inside the game where there are instructors.  It would take a while to search for valuable equipment and a level you desire but at least it would be safer to do this.  Do not divulge any of your information to people you do not know personally.  If you really want to transact with the people outside the game, schedule a meet up and do the trading there, be sure to bring someone with you that can witness the transaction.


Be alert on those scammers, they are lurking inside the game, looking for those people who are willing to waste spare moneys.  They are there to take your hard-earned money or your valuable items online.  Make sure to take precautions when playing online.

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