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Machine Gun Jetpack – The review

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Machine Gun Jetpack

Developer: Halfbrick

Publisher: Itunes

The game play like most iPhone games is a rather simple affair, it involves running from left to right and trying to get as far as possible and collect as many coins as possible while dodging as many obstacles as humanly possible, the further you get the faster it gets and therefore the harder it gets. This sounds repetitive and it is if I’m honest you will see the same coin designs over and over again, with the same enemies over and over again but this game is just brilliant for those small bus journeys and quick five minute cues that we all have every single day.

The thing that kept me interested in Machine Gun Jetpack was the variety of enemies and obstacles, normally in games of this type you just have to jump over a box or other suspiciously square shaped objects but in this game you will be faced with a whole variety of different obstacles, not only will you have the suspiciously placed laser fences but there will also be homing missiles and laser lines that only activate in certain places. Another way that the developer adds some variety is through the use of vehicles, there are five vehicles in total and they all do something a little different, I’m not going to name them all because that wold be pointless in this review but they have a teleporter and that’s shit so avoid as much as possible it will hinder you more than it will ever help you.


Why does every iPhone game feel the need to have loud repetitive music? This is an iPhone game and for some reason they don’t seem to understand that I’m more than likely to be playing it on the bus or some other form of public transport, that or I’m listening to music. Well I wish I could listen to music but this game seems to feel that its soundtrack is far more important, I’m going to let you in on a little secret it’s not, its repetitive synth music and its not good and no I’m not going to buy it on iTunes no matter how much you would like me too.

The graphics in Machine Gun Jetpack are rather quaint and colorful and perfect for the iPhone, there is just enough detail in them so that you can see whats going on and quite frankly what more do you need? Considering this game is only 69p I’m not going to nitpick because for the price I thought the graphics were pretty awesome.

In Conclusion despite some music issues I rather enjoyed Machine Gun Jetpack and will properly keep it on my iPhone for a bit longer than normal, it is a steal at 69p (although they often make it free) and although the game play is rather generic its still challenging enough to keep you coming back for more, especially to get all those achievements.



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