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Beer and joysticks is growing and growing too fast for it,s own good, well not really. I don’t want Beer and Joysticks to change radically, but I want it to get better overall.


Some of you might know that I have become bogged down with work outside of the site and well as things are going right now, I need a hand keeping this site going in the right direction.

Our staff does a great job writing as much as they can. For this position I can’t guarantee fame or fortune, but I can say you will have a blast interacting with out readers and you will have something for your résumé or CV.


I have come to the conclusion that I just cant do this all by my self anymore and have begun the process of looking for a partner.

So I’m looking to have someone come and help me run this big old dog of a website. Managing partner will be responsible  for 3-5 articles(rant, game reviews, beer reviews) a week topics of your choice more if you have the time. Along with other duties such as cleaning up the website in general, writing news when needed, proofreading, correcting other posts we put up after too many beers, and whatever else comes up. You must be able to dedicate time each day to this site if selected.


Open position: Managing partner

Needed Qualities:

Love of writing

Love of gaming

Love of beer

The desire to give your best so that we only put out great content for our readers.


Tell as about yourself:

Please fill in below in the [contact-form-7 id=”320″ title=”Contact form 1″], tell me more about yourself by answering the following questions.

Take your time and have fun with it.

Name,  Email address

1. What is your most memorable gaming experience.

2. What is your favorite beer and why? Describe how it tastes for me!

3. If I was to ask a friend about your what would they tell me about you?

4. What writing experience do you have?

5. What would you change about Beer and Joysticks and what would you not change?

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