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March Madness Survival Guide

Posted on 3/25/2013 by with 2 comments

Are you like me just hearing March Madness makes you cringe? I can’t stand the whole tournament thing and basketball either for that matter. This is the time of year for me where there is little or no sports to watch, but have no fear I have you covered.

That’s why I completed this list of great games to play, so that you’re not bored during this year’s tournaments. I tried to get a little bit for everybody and you have no excuse there all free to play.

Five games you should be playing instead of watching March Madness games.

Game #1 War Thunder

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This game has been a big surprise to me. I figured I would download this and play it for a couple weeks and then it would be uninstalled and forgotten. Boy was I wrong. This turns out to be a great little game with loads of advancement as you craft your piloting skills.

Being able to fly the airplanes of 5 different countries with almost limitless customization and more advanced parts for each aircraft as you progress. This game is a lot of fun and it is great because there is little or no waiting for your next battle as missions load fast and action is furious.  You must give this game a try.

Game #2 Star Wars the Old Republic

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For most people around the gaming scene there seems to be a love hate relationship with this game. Some people absolutely hate and some absolutely love it! Without giving this a try you might never know what it is like to be the hero with the robot companion that will help you save the galaxy or take over the galaxy if you prefer.

This game is well worth a try and can be a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

Game #3 TERA


TERA could be the most surprising game I have played in a long time.  I was very skeptical at first that this game might even be able to hold any interest in this big empty bowl of a head that my shoulders foot the load on most days.

When most companies put the tag ARPG it means a game with little story, little depth, and very little fun, but this is not that case with TERA it is a lot of fun. This game is one of the better game I have played in a while and is well worth the download.

Game #4 Warframe

Warframe 2013-03-25 21-53-27-85

Warframe is a new comer to the gaming scene and could fill your void with a little Sci-Fi 3rd person a shooter action. This game is very fast paced that includes loads of fun and exciting maps as you do battle with The Grineer forces.

If you’re looking for something to fill the void this action Sci-Fi shooter will do the trick.


Game #5 Path of Exile

Client 2013-03-06 17-42-12-40

“PoE” was another wildcard game that has turned into a lot of fun. Path of Exile is a Diablo style RPG that has beautiful graphics and large well-crafted world you can get lost in, yes I have been lost in it many times.

If you enjoy fantasy games this is a diamond in the rough, you will not be disappointed by downloading this that’s for sure.

So I hope you make it through the tournament season without being too bored I know I will be glued to my LED screen playing games hopefully you can join me. Together we’ll get through this season and have a lot of fun at the same time.

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  1. On April 4th, 2013 at 8:25 pm , pearsonarian said...

    Playing of all these games are really trilling. When I play I enjoy it so much. I enjoy fantasy games. I enjoy every moment while playing all of these games.

  2. On April 4th, 2013 at 8:36 pm , didit said...

    a very nice game and interesting, especially when on an adventure, I really like it. So to have it. whether it can be downloaded?, whether to pay to get it?. Hopefully there is a quick download link yea … certainly many people who loved her. hopefully create many successful customers and no one in the world of gamers.

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