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Marvel is killing Wolverine!

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At the end of Wolverine Volume 5, Paul Cornell stripped Logan of his healing ability and it was also reported that Cornell is currently writing a storyline named “Three Months to Die”.  It seems that all signs points to the death of one of the most well know character of Marvel, Wolverine.

Just today, Marvel gave a confirmation that Logan’s death is inevitable.  The working title “Three Months to Die” will likely develop into a miniseries tackling the death of Wolverine.  It will be composed of 4 issues that will be written by Charles Soule and will be illustrated by Steve McNiven.  The Death of Wolverine will be release on the whole month of September, 2014.

It is a well-known fact that Wolverine has been around for ages, he’s older than Magneto and he seems to have a connection with Bishop who came from the future.  His healing ability that grant her the capacity to heal wounds, disease or even poison at an unimaginable speed plus it also slow down his aging process, made it possible for him to live longer than any X-men character.

The death of Wolverine will mark another milestone for Marvel.  They will be creating new age for the Marvel fans where a semi-indestructible mutant is no longer present.  But I hope they can stage a death for Wolverine that is suited for him.  I personally think that stripping him of his powers make him less of a Wolverine since it’s been an ability of him ever since the series began.  But I know that it is impossible for Marvel to kill him if he possesses that power plus the almost indestructible adamantium.  In addition, I do hope that after they release the “Death of the Wolverine” they would not follow it with the series “The Return of the Wolverine”.  Professor X has been killed for so many times only to be revealed that he is alive.

Marvel is set to divulge more information about the Death of the Wolverine in the future.  In the meantime, let us hear what you think about his death.



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  1. On June 1st, 2014 at 3:10 pm , Drakulus said...

    I think it’s about damn time he got killed off. Wolverine has been shoved down our throats for years and I for one would be happy to say goodbye. I like Wolverine and all, but it’s time for someone else to shine.

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