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Minecraft 1.8 update

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Minecraft has got to be the most creative game out there.  It is a game of customization and the freedom to create your imagination.  Fans of Minecraft were excited to hear the news that Minecraft will be releasing an update for the game.  It includes new customization option, a terrain generator and a whole lot more.  Level of difficulty can now be locked.  There are also new commands available like, clone, block data, execute, fill, particle, test for blocks and trigger.  There will also be a new MOD available which is similar to silverfish, they call it the endermite.  The new update will also present some changes like an improve chatting, the right and left arm/legs can now be altered independently.  Trading now provides players with certain experience and enchanting now costs 1-3 lvl.   There are at least 9 new items available inside the game slime block, barrier,  iron trapdoor just to  name a few.

[youtube id=”2rdgMwJyE6w” width=”633″ height=”356″]

The preview of the new updates which was release on youtube shows that players have now the ability to customize world.  16 sliders are now available that specify the terrain to be created, and that’s not all it also comes with enabling/disabling lava, lakes, oceans and other  forms of nature.  And for advanced users, you can now input a specific value in creating these features.  Players who always love to try something new with definitely love this new update, there are at least seven presets offered by Mojang.

These presets show that one can alter the appearance of the terrain, a vast ocean can easily be turned into a high mountain, no more sweating of blocking those water ways or create a water world from a place surrounded by mountains.  And did I say that the floating island will return in this update?  Yes, this update marks the comeback of the floating island and above that you can scatter this floating island.

The official release date of the updated Minecraft is not yet announced to the public, but Jens Bergensten posted on his twitter account that people can expect for the new Minecraft to be release this May.

Team Mojang never fails to surprise its audience; they make sure that the players are getting what they deserve.  Sometimes indie game developer presents something to its audience that those huge gaming company can never give us.  Kudos to those people behind this game.

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