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Whether you are someone who are just planning to play an online game or someone who is already a master of the game, you will agree with us when we say that the basic things are the most important things to learn in an online game.  In this article we will provide you with the basic tools mostly used in online games, since we already told you that the interface that most MMORPGs are offering are just the same.

Choosing character:

In the article A Class on Class with Class, we provided you with things you should consider on choosing a character, by now you should have a perfect idea on which character you should choose.  Develop each character by raising the attributes their good at, whether its intelligence, strength, agility, vitality etc.  Here’s a tip, agility is for those who use long-ranged weapons, spell casters need intelligence to increase their mana and magical damage, while increasing the strength of character that uses hand to hand combat or melee combat would be helpful.

Weapons and Armors:

Don’t worry too much about this, in most MMORPG, weapons and armors are designed to use by each of the class.  Well you can’t possibly expect an archer to cast powerful spells.  Notice the damage and the attributes; it will help you in increasing the strength of your character.  Most of the time the level of weapons and armors are classified based on their colors.  Some online games are providing an additional option by offering an enhancement interface, here you can increase their level or embed gems and stones to add options.

PVP mode:

We already discuss about this matter in this article. One more additional information, some games online are allowing you to see the level of your opponent before accepting the duel.  If at times the game does not have that option, notice the armor he is wearing, it is easy to recognize the strength of a character just by analyzing his armor and weapon.

Battle Interface:

Some online games provide battle interface wherein you’ll battle random enemies inside the game which is not necessarily a player.  It is a lot similar to PvP mode but in this case you are fighting against an NPC, a lot easier compared to battling against a gamer.


There are two types of Quest, the Main and the side quest, the main quest is vital for one character since it is needed for the development of the game.  It is required for you to finish this quest if you wanna go further in the game.  Main quests are part of the main story, and it does offer you a nice bunch of rewards once completing it.  While side quests are like “fillers” they are quests which are not part of the main story, quests that you can just skip if you are such in a hurry.  But we do not recommend you to skip this part of the game, in fact we want you to finish all of the side quests since they can help you gain experience and also some rewards.


Pets are more than just a companion inside the game; they can give you buffs and attack enemies.  Some of them are packed with passive skills that can grant you additional auras, some serve as a means of transportation on other parts of the game.  Though having a pet during combat can aid you a lot, you will also have to watch on their HP since they do not have vitality as high as yours.

Trading System:

Some of those MMORPG provide you with a trading option to trade rare items that cannot be bought on the item shop.  In this interface a good communication skill is needed since you need to negotiate on the price of the item.  For example a player wants to trade his rare gems for a rare item, but since you do not have that rare item and you badly need those rare gems you have to convince him to choose from your other items.  You have to consider the value of the items before trading. Other kind of trading is done on the forum site where real money is involved.  Here you will encounter traders who are selling their high level characters to others.


The inventory is where all your loots can be found.  Remember to take only the valuable things especially when you are in a dungeon since there are only a limited number of things you can place in your inventory and the town is usually far from the dungeons.  This will save your time from going on a trip back to town and will help you focus on more important parts of the game.

Of course there are new stuff being offered by different online games, but the things that are first stated above are almost constant.  Learning these basic information about the game can help you master the game. Ciao!

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